Monday, November 3, 2014

Bee Vintage

 In the boxes of precious vintage sewing patterns my sweet mother left me was a jewel: a stack of embroidery transfer patterns she bought back in the fifites and sixties.
The first one I laid my embroidery-loving eyes on was the Vogart bees. I'm in love with them now. I immediately fired up the ole iron, and guess what. They still transfer!
I think my favorite thing is looking at the transfers that mother bought two and three copies of the same thing. Those are the ones I know she really liked. I love imagining my pretty young mother embroidering her sweet tee towels for the kitchen, pillow cases and tablecloths. I know how stitching makes me feel peaceful and happy and that's how I like thinking of her.
This was 29 cents when mother bought it!
How cute are these.
I can't believe I had never noticed all these in her sewing stash before. Such a happy surprise.

Lots of sorting to do.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch.

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