Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WOYWW 282 - Stitchin' to Do!

 Well this isn't the usual's more of a closeup of my before and after mess. I found my precious mother's stash of vintage Aunt Martha and Vogart embroidery transfer patterns. I'm loving going through them, piled high on the desk. Some of them were only nineteen cents each back then. I'm imagining my beautiful young mother embroidering her tee towels and pillow cases. I can't believe how many of these she kept all these years. So sweet.
I played with them and tested them out a bit--they still work with a hot iron fifty years later! After I had them nicely organized and put away for another day, I started on my reindeer cross-stitch.
My sparkly aida cloth is my favorite thing to cross-stitch on. I'm enjoying the latest episode of The Paradise, cross-stitching, and drinking hot tea. That seems like a winter day--but I'm really just getting a head start on a Christmas decoration. Happy What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday! Visit all the desks over at Ms. Julia's.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. Oh, how lovely are those transfers? What a lovely thing to keep from your mum's bits and pieces - I can't believe that they still work! That's amazing, I bet you've been inspired to do so many things now you know that. That type of vintage print is still really big in the UK, thanks to a shop called Cath Kidston. It is amazing how many items from cotton to oilcloth have designs like that on them.
    Hey, I didn't realise you could get sparkly aida!! Where have I been to have missed that. It certainly adds to your festive cross stitch. There's no such thing as too much bling, eh?! ;-)
    It definitely feels autumnal today, grey and cold though I still have some flowers (and peas!) growing in the garden. I should be out there tidying up right now but don't feel like it. I'm making red spotted neckerchiefs for a muscial group I'm part of for a 50s selection of music we're playing this weekend. Mad, eh?!
    Hugs, LLJ 28 xx

  2. Lovely old transfers Sandy, amazing they still work after all that time! Love the sparkly backdrop for your Reindeer project! We're watching The Paradise in this house too! Even my husband is enjoying it!

    Brenda 41

  3. I often see old transfers at the car boot sales. What a lovely thing to have your mums old patterns - so special. x Jo

  4. Hi Sandy, how great to have those old transfers. Good luck with the cross stitch it will be lovely when finished, I just don't have the patience to do it. It's about the only form of stitchwork that I just can't bring myself to do.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 34

  5. I love sparkly aida too - it is just so festive!! I have a box of those embroidery transfers, I found them many years ago at a jumble sale but haven't tested them to see if they work but they look fine so I am sure they do (no idea what brand they are as they have nothing printed on them)

    have a good week
    KraftyKaren #58

  6. How lovely to find those beautiful old embroidery transfers. And what a bonus that they still work after all this time. I remember well my mother working on a tablecloth that she began before I was born ... she only ever worked on it when she was pregnant with one of my four siblings so it took her well over 20 years to complete! I think she got most of her transfers with the Pins and Needles magazine - they were a pull out in the centre of each magazine. I've never seen sparkly aida - very pretty but then I don't do cross-stitch any longer - eyesight much too dim these days :) Have a good week. Elizabeth x #53

  7. How cool are those transfers. I remember my Gran having a book with them in. She used to cut the design she wanted out of the page. Ooh, sparkly aida. I didn't know that existed.

    Fiona #20

  8. What a wonderful find, such a personal thing. I have a couple of old knitting books which had cuttings stuffed in the back of them and had a great time going through them all, but to have your Mum's is extra special :o) Happy WOYWW Annie C '#50

  9. What an amazing treasure!!! You're so blessed! I love cross-stitching and all other needlework crafts, but sadly I stopped doing them when I discovered stamping, lol! I think it is a cooler weather craft too.

    Happy crafting!
    Jeannie #27

  10. What fun, and what a lovely thought, that you're carrying on where your Mum left off. Have a great week. Hugs, Chris # 24

  11. Your post brought me back to when I was young and sorting through my grandmother's Aunt Martha and Workbasket iron on transfers. What fun it was! Watching The Paradise, sipping tea and embroidering...what could be a better way to spend the day!