Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Birthday - It's All About the Present

It's my party and I'll blog if I want to!

Here's the great thing about a birthday that falls on a Monday--you tend to celebrate all weekend to make up for the fact that poor-you, your birthday's on a Monday!

So other than having a great weekend - here are my five tips for being uber thankful it's your birthday!

1--It is indeed your birthday, a celebration of the day you arrived on the planet, and many people are so happy to have you here! Remember that whether you celebrate like the Queen of England or the Queen of Frugality! You can't put a price on love, happiness and thankfulness. But you can have them if you wish.
2--It's a great opportunity to be a blessing to others - since you're so thankful for another birthday, pay it forward and do something nice, be kind, and make someone new glad that you're here.
Me and my precious mother on my first BD cake Marie Antoinette! I say, if you are pretty good about avoiding those sweets most of the time, this is the day you should enjoy yourself. I always think of my mother's strawberry cake which she had made for my birthdays most of my life. It was this moist, unbelievably rich cake full of strawberry heaven goodness with an amazing icing on top. Today is the first birthday I've ever had without my mom here on the planet with me. About this time last year was when her health had started failing, she was recovering from a hospital stay in a health center. It was a Sunday, and I made her favorite chocolate bundt cake and took it to her room--the whole cake--to celebrate my birthday with her. She talked about the day I was born, in beautiful, sunny California, and what it was like when she brought me home...we lived only a mile from the ocean. Today I realize how wonderfully blessed I was to have a mom like her, and I know she is well cared for in her new heavenly dimension--so now, I have yet another reason to be thankful on each and every birthday and think of her and how much she loved me and all the things she always did for me, and especially how she always looked at me with that sparkle in her eye that only your mother has for you. I really miss that. It's how I know she'd want me to have another happy birthday.
4--If you don't have someone special in your life right now to treat you well and celebrate your day--then treat yourself! There is no rule ever written that says you can't treat yourself well. It's part of being madly in love with your own life, choosing to be happy no matter what, and turning down all invitations to any pity parties. It's your day. Choose bliss. Celebrate your life.
5--It's all about the present. Now, I don't mean the birthday present...although there is one, right? That one thing you really really wanted? This year I just wanted a new bag--but--I wanted a Dooney & Burke. Low and behold I got one! (thanks to a sweet husband who always listens) I just have a thing for Dooneys and Coach bags--it's the feel, the smell, and how they last forever. Even if I could, I'd never spend ten thousand dollars on some designer bag...I'd rather feed someone who's hungry if I had that kind of moolah to throw around. But, a brand new very cute black D&B crossbody for my birthday is perfect!
Back to the point's all about the present. That means, living in the moment, enjoying every moment, being aware of the sun on your face, the fresh air, the smiling face you're looking at, the smell of your cake, the sweet birthday wishes from others...yep. It's all about the present. Enjoy it. Be thankful for it. And at the same time be filled with happiness, joy, peace, bliss, hope, faith and love on your birthday.
Today, here where I live, it is a beautiful, sunny, windy, warm day. I'm going to take a walk today, for sure, go out to my garden, and kick some leaves in the air. Because tomorrow - we'll be plunged down into the thirties and forties the rest of the week! Remember, I'm a California girl - this Ozarks winter stuff is not my nature--but I hybernate in my craft room very well.
Back to today, it's nice and just what I ordered. The sun is out. I've already written something (you're reading it, thank you and bless you). It's my birthday. ♥

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. Happy, happy birthday Sandy! What a lovely reflection on birthdays, your mother, cake, handbags, how to live in grace. I wish you many more wonderful birthdays!