Wednesday, November 12, 2014

WOYWW 284--Lovely Piles

Happy What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday! (join the fun over at Ms. Julia's blog, Stamping Ground)
My sister's birthday is the day before mine.
Weeks ago I seemed to have entered the messy desk dimension of the universe, and I can't find my way back out! For some reason, I have to have everything right out in front of me--the gelatos, markers, aida cloth, gelli-printed tags waiting for embellishment, my datebook, and even nail polish. Somehow I started watching Gilmore Girls while doing the treadmill two miles every morning; realized there are billions of episodes (I never watched the series before) and so now I find it a relaxing thing to watch while cross-stitching and tag making at my table too. 

The cross-stitch reindeers are coming along (thank you Gilmore Girls) and under the stack of tags is a brand new Mollie Makes! Thank you to Lunch Lady Jan for sending me my first issue ever...because then my Barnes & Noble started carrying it, and my daughter got me this latest issue for my birthday.

But when it comes to this piled up craft table, at some point, you realize, this is all going to have to be cleaned up, reconfobulated (is that a word) and some serious things happening like diecutting and sewing, and using those wonderful cutting mats that are all buried right now. That's life in the crafty corner.
My daughter and I on my birthday Monday--hello 54!

Toodles and have a wonderful week lovelies!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. 1 - I love your blog banner! 2 - I love, love, love your desk area - it's giving off such a happy vibe! 3 - You made me smile talking about the Gilmore Girls - my daughter used to be addicted to that program but they never seemed to put them on in the right order over here so the daughter would be all different ages every time we watched :)

    Carmen x #45

  2. Happy Belated Birthday for Monday and you certainly don't look 54!
    Your desk has so many lovely bits and pieces going on and the reference to the Gilbert Girls made me smile, it would be a good program to exercise to as they are both so slim and looking at them would keep me motivated! Annette #31

  3. Happy belated birthday from me too! Wow you two girls really are beauties and do remind me of the Gilmore Girls!
    Lovely things on your table! Very pretty tags!
    Thank you for visiting!
    Gabriele 28

  4. Aaaargh, I missed your birthday!! So sorry, I was so absorbed in going away to Dad's that I completely forgot about it. Which is daft as I'm really going to revel in being a whole year younger than you for the next 9 months!! LOL!! Hope you had a great day and got spoiled rotten by your folks :-)
    Your desk is looking like my state of mind at the moment - too much to do and not enough time in which to not do it (if you see what I mean!) I might even...and don't tell Julia.....make a list..GASP< SHOCK< HORROR! Your tags are gorgeous, so creative - you are clever. And it's good to see that you're able to get Mollie Makes over there now - they have some great ideas.
    I've had a massively busy week. As well as going to Dad's, I marched with my band in the Remembrance Day parade which was a good thing but poignant too. Then I've been searching high and low for the solitaire diamond that fell out of my engagement ring :-( I was so upset but it could be anywhere. I've come to terms with it now, after all people are more important than things, but don't want another engagement ring. I think I'd like to use the gold from my ring and my mum's wedding ring and get a jeweller to create something with a difference. Don't know what idea will strike out of the blue, no doubt!
    Sending special belated birthday hugs,
    LLJ 32 xx

  5. Gosh Sandy you look so young, you could be sisters. Happy belated birthday. Love the cross-stitch reindeers, Lovely.
    Thanks for the visit. Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 39

  6. A belated Happy Birthday, Sandy, what a stunning photo of you and your daughter. I hope you had a lovely time.
    Love all your makes and the mention of the treadmill has made me feel very guilty, I really need to become more active!!
    Have a good week.
    Hugs Lisax

  7. Your cross-stitch is so pretty, and I love your tags too. I'm also going to look out for Mollie's Makes over here in the UK - I 've never heard of it before! What a lovely photo of you and your daughter - you can see where she gets her looks from. Hope you have a great week and thanks so much for stopping by my desk earlier,
    Diana #44

  8. Hi Sandy - thanks for the bloggy visit earlier today. My Russian doll stamp came from Hobbycraft. I'll be back later tonight to read your WOYWW post - if I do it now, I'll get all out of order and confused (and it happens easily these days LOL!) Thanks again, hugs xx

  9. What a lovely cosy desk space you have. The sun shining on it too. I like those embroidered card toppers. Very productive.
    Oh I hadn't realised it was your birthday! Belated birthday wishes from me.
    Thanks for popping by earlier.
    Thank you for letting me look over your shoulder,
    Have a good week,

  10. Cross-stitching looks looks kinda fun! I haven't done it since primary school! Lovely photo of you and your daughter! I had to look real hard to decide which one is you and which one is your daughter! Thanks for visiting earlier! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle

  11. Thanks for stopping by. I love cross-stitch too. These are so wonderful! TFS

    Karon #54
    Karon's Krafty Korner

  12. What a happy place this is to visit! Loved seeing your cross stitch pieces! Great photo of you and your daughter. Thanks for visiting, Chris 50

  13. Belated birthday greetings. Love the cross stitch. Gorgeous photo of you and your daughter. Anne x #38

  14. Your piles are indeed lovely, such pretty colors. And cross stitch! I used to do tons of that, but haven't touched it in years.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #40

  15. Belated Happy Birthday!! You and your daughter take a lovely picture! Love your counted cross stitch pieces. Thanks for popping by and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #59

  16. Had to laugh at your post title lol!! Nice busy desk, and what a gorgeous photo of you and your daughter.

    Thanks for your visit and lovely comment - glad you like my album.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #41

  17. Lovely cross stitch I've not done any in ages and gave away quite a few bits and bobs to my niece when she showed an interest in having a go. I think she does a bit now and then - short attention span of a 9 year old :) Happy belated birthday. Thank you for visiting my blog earlier - Anita #55

  18. Your desk is looking very seasonal. Thanks for visiting.

  19. "Pretty Piles" can soon become "Horrible Heaps", can't they! Hi, Sandy Leigh, thanks for visiting my Workdesk post and leaving a lovely comment - I thought I would come and see what you have been making.
    Lovely little embroideries there - some people will be happy to have those as Christmas cards (?). And the tag there is very pretty too - love the ribbons!
    Maybe I should have a treadmill... I could watch Gilmore Girls and walk miles too, without even having to go out in the cold and wet!! I saw someone advertising one for sale on Monday... ooo, an Idea!! I hope you are still enjoying your "walks" and finding motivation from those lovely Girls!

  20. Love those reindeer
    belated birthday wishes x
    Happy Thursday! (sorry I'm late)

  21. Right, back again to read your post - told you I would! I love the little deers, and your little dear, too! Mollie Makes is a great source of inspiration - a bit like WOYWW, when I come to think of it! Hope you manage to find some Russian doll stamps. Have a lovely week, Chris # 7

  22. You, my woyww friend, are a glorious 54! Happy happy belated birthday to you!

    I was lying in late this morning, thinking I should get up and at least do the stair stepper and watch tv while doing so, so I can almost relate to the Gilmore Girls/treadmill routine . . . not quite there yet, but I just don't want to go walk outside in the mornings now, so cold already!

  23. Oh hey wait, I'm so slow woywwing this week, I forgot to say thank you for stopping by, and leave my number!

    #63 this week with
    not much!