Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - 256

Happy Wednesday dearest desker. I am busy mid-week with sewing on boy scout patches for my nephews, making soup for DD who has caught a dreadful cold and cough, making tags, knitting little hearts and looking longingly at Violet (my sewing machine) who wants me to put her to work on an art quilt AND a pair of shorts. And oh my, the temps have plunged us back into winter today which my back does not appreciate at all! And, of course, I have day job too!
 Funny how the weather begins to affect you as you get older! Now I know why old people move to Florida! Well I have a couple of Silver Dollar City sacks laying on my desk because we spent a beautiful sunny day there a few days ago. That day was perfect in every way. We had so much fun and my favorite Chinese shop was there for their Worldsfest! So of course, I had to buy a few things. For my non-Ozarkian friends, Silver Dollar City is a huge old-fashioned theme park started the same year I was born, (I actually got in free for a year the year of their fiftieth anniversary) and it was originally built around a cave attraction, and is set in gorgeous hilly landscaping with tons of shops, rides, crafts, shows, and great places to eat. Thank goodness we walk a lot, although I avoided funnel cake this time! I actually took my knitting with me because when DH and DD are on the scariest roller coasters, I watch our stuff, sit, knit and people watch! I thought of my mom because she LOVED Silver Dollar City, so I know she helped give us that beautiful sunny day. Maybe I got a little tan too.
I got a little gift in the mail this week from Unity Stamp! It was from a drawing for commenting on their Facebook page. I can't wait to play with it!
So I'm off to make some hot tea for DD...I can hear the sweet thing coughing now! I'll link up and see you all in the morning!
My little nephew and I, acting cool for our selfie!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch Happy


  1. Have a cup of tea too and take care of yourself ! Tell me why Wilma Flintstone had a best day...too funny:) Be well Carole #68

  2. Lots to keep you busy with the different things on your desk. I hope you daughter gets better soon Sandy.
    Happy woyww Jill #18

  3. Phew, I'm exhausted just reading all that you're up to!! I hope the invalid gets well soon. Have a great week, Chris # 15

  4. I'd have been sitting there, knitting with you...I hate roller coasters!! I don't mind fast things, it's the ups and downs I can't hack..... The place sounds fab though, tied up with so many memories of your mum. I feel like that about 'my' beach in Wales, where my mum's ashes are scattered by the wild pansies.
    But I'm not being maudlin, honest! Give my love to your DD, poor thing, it's horrid when you get a nasty cold like that. Bet your soup has kick started the recovery :-) We are headed for much colder temperatures this weekend after a few glorious weeks..and guess what, I'm outside playing with my band at a country show all day Sunday! I'm hoping it doesn't rain...can cope with the cold ok! It's a great show, just one where all the farmers show off their prize beasts. The chicken tent is my favourite.....rows and rows of different fowl, some have the craziest feathery feet and bonkers plumage on their heads! The colours of the eggs are interesting too from pure white to the palest blue. Now, why am I waffling on about this? Dunno, it's where my crazy brain takes me :-)
    Have fun this week and look after yourself too...
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xx

  5. I hate roller coasters too - odd one out in our family as DD and hubby love them. Hope your DD is soon better. Love the selfie. x Jo