Thursday, April 24, 2014

Envelope Envy--A Little Review of My Mini Scoreboard

For quite a while, I envied those crafty bloggers who handmade their own envelopes. So impressive. I had envy-lope! But then I discovered their tool of choice for this craft--a simple scoreboard. I immediately went scoreboard shopping--they are at craft stores and online everywhere, but I landed on the Martha brand with a coupon. I was hooked. And now I love making envelopes.

Why make your own envelopes? The biggest reason is because, most purchased envelopes are white! I think the joy of making your own envelopes is that--
1. You can make an envelope to match the card
2. Your envelope can be as unique as the card inside
3. Mixed-media cards fit better in homemade envelopes
4. You can make an envelope out of any piece of paper as long as you cut it to the dimensions needed.  
     What a great way to upcycle.
5. There are many scoreboards out there to choose from that make it sooo easy to do! There is even a scoreboard that clips out the little triangles. I don't mind doing that by hand though.

I wish, back in the day when DD was in grade school that they had had these scoreboards available! I would have done things like, made envelopes out of copies of her daily school papers to send things in a fun way to the grandparents for example. So cute! But now I do make envelopes out of sheets of music, dictionary papers, even pages from vintage recipe and craft books. Pretty adorable.

So, being a happy envelope maker, imagine my thrill at discovering a mini scoreboard! I didn't know if it would work as well. Same brand as my big one--50% off coupon that day--the verdict is, I think I love it even more.
Mini scoreboard front - still in package
Mini scoreboard back
 The three things I love most about it: how the bone folder hooks into the front, the complete envelope guidelines on the back, and how lightweight it is and easily fits into any of my tote bags.
Those guidelines allow you to simply line up your paper, once you've cut it to the dimensions, and quickly score it!
Then snip out the little triangles (there may be a technical name for those, idk) which allow a nice clean fold.
Use your handy little bone folder to neatly fold down the flaps, add a little glue to seal the bottom flaps, and done. You may use envelope gum for the top flap--I don't really worry about that, I just use a sticker if I'm sealing it. And I have to add that I've even had a postman at the post office comment on my pretty envelopes! No more envy-loping for me. Have fun!
My larger scoreboard--I love making envelopes with double-sided paper!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Score

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