Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WOYWW 255--Live, Love, Craft

My work table on a Tuesday evening--love my new Bic Markits but I also color with dollar store eyeshadows!
Well we made it through the weekend, and Wednesday's on its way! Happy What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday lovelies!
I say "made it through" the weekend, because it was our first Easter without my precious mother, and it was a bit difficult for my sister and I. My mom just had a way of making family holidays so magical and fun. She always got all of us a chocolate bunny, and always made her pea salad and deviled eggs! But we feel like she is with us in her rightful chair, smiling at everything we still do.
Anyhoo, my  desk is recovering from Easter activity. I still see the dollar laying there that my little nephew insisted on paying me to make him another custom bubble wand necklace. It just doesn't get any cuter than that. What a charmer. I think we blew bubbles--blueberry scented ones--for an hour!
My traveling embroidery basket, and a couple of my mom's handkerchiefs

Knitting a heart
I realized something the other day. Something profound. I MAKE OR CRAFT SOMETHING EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE! Isn't that cool? I bet you do too. So, this week I'm filling up art journal pages by detailing what's happening in my crafty life every day of the week...when...what...where...all the details. Now, I may not finish something every day, but I do draw or stitch or cut or glue something every day.
And, Masterpiece Classic fans, Mr. Selfridge is getting really good this season! I just hope Harry doesn't stray again. The last Call the Midwife broke my heart! (I do love my PBS)
So, take care of yourself, walk barefoot in the garden, drink tea, laugh a lot, and make something every day. Hugs!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch Daily


  1. Hi Sandy - glad that Easter went well - it's always difficult, the first 'something' without someone special. I'm just like you - can't let a day pass without even a little crafting magic. Have a good week, Chris # 19 xx

  2. Every day needs a little crafting doesn't it. Annie and I linked up with other "20 minuters" who manage at least 20 minutes each day - the link is on my side bar. Glad you had a good Easter and of course your Mum was there with you in your heart. x Jo #30

  3. You have fine TV taste :)
    Some great photos of fun projects - do you craft while watching telly?
    Happy WOYWW!
    no. 2

  4. So glad that Easter went well for you- its good to remember those we've lost with smiles for what we shared, rather than tears for what we lost. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #54 xxx

  5. Oh such pretty colors. Holidays and family gatherings are hard with the loss of a family member, I just haven't adjusted well to that either. I love your little quote at the end...think I'll try it. Happy week to you #75

  6. Oh, it's always the anniversaries/special occasions/daft things that get me too. It's nearly the 2nd anniversary of Mum dying - I can't believe how the time has flown. I want to tell her how her grandsons have grown up into two fine young men, how Gordon and I are doing great...but I hope she hears me anyway. So I'm sending you a great big hug cos I KNOW just how you're feeling xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I think I make something every day too, even if it's just a row or two of crochet while watching TV. I honestly would miss it dreadfully if I didn't have something to occupy my hands. And I like having a variety of things on the go, so I can flit from one to the other as the fancy takes me. The sewing machine is taking a real hammering at the moment though as I want to get a few things made for the Crop at the end of May and then I don't have to panic about getting them done. I'm going to Julia's tomorrow to make ATCs. She's very kindly lending me some equipment so I can stamp stuff for only the second time ever- woohoo!
    Hope you are well and happy. My back is very slowly improving.....
    Hugs, LLJ 14 xx

  7. How fun to track what you are doing in that's crafty. Brigita #78

  8. Hi Sandy....yes I think I craft everyday too...mostly or take time for myself. Your desk looks busy and happy, cute knitted heart. Cheers and have a great week Robyn#18

  9. Hi Sandy Leigh
    happy WOYWW. Sorry I am running late. Yes I too create something every day and had never realized I did it LOL. Glad you had a lovely Easter even though your wonderful Mum was not there...your little nephew sounds gorgeous!!
    Annette In Oz #8