Friday, April 11, 2014

Making My Dollar Cling Stamps Work

I love these little packages of unmounted dollar cling stamps. One dollar for two or three stamps, especially with sentiments, is pretty good! Now, I'm not referring to clear stamps--which I try to buy on sale because they can be pricey, and are to be used interchangeably with a clear stamping block to get the full benefit--I'm talking about these little rubber stamps that have foam glued to the top showing the design, and can be used as they are. But, why not make them better?
It hit me when I was cleaning out a shelf and found this mound of blocks my daughter and nephews used to play with all the time. Wallah! My new stamping blocks available to me in pretty much any size, color or shape!
Suddenly, three one-dollar packages of cling stamps became nine wonderful blocked rubber stamps.
I just pulled the foamy print top off the rubber stamp (very carefully--because I tore one of the foam pieces a little), and there was enough glue already on there that the rubber stamp easily stuck to one side of the block, and the printed foam part easily stuck to the other side. I added a little glue with only one of them.
I may be late to the party on figuring this out because I've since heard of crafters using their Jenga blocks!  But I think this works really great, and I prefer stamping like this rather than with the flatter foamy version, and feel more in control of what the stamp is doing.
I do not remember what we paid for these blocks so long ago, but now they're being upcycled a bit! And there are still plenty of blocks left, it was a huge container of them. Woo hoo! This would be a good yard sale find if you need some so you could pay next to nothing possibly. Happy stamping.

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