Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WOYWW 195--Warm and Cozy at My Worktable

A pic of me in makeup and costume for King & I.
Ice...snow...rain...sleet...snizzle (a combo of drizzle and snow)--we have had it all in the Ozarks since last week. So my worktable has been a busy, happy place. I found my little seed-stitch knitting project, a UFO (unfinsihed object).  Art journal, open--I love to use snippets from the inside of those official envelopes. And even though it's a mess, it's cleaner than usual because I'm using one of those fun fabric trays to organize my bits and bobs. Now...I don't normally say "bits and bobs" but I've seen so many other WOYWWers say that phrase, I love it!


Visit all the lovelies across the globe who share their workdesks right here at What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday. Mrs. Dunnit has been kind enough to keep this fun blog party going for years!

My bits and bobs like this tray!
 I still have remnants on my desk of working on these cute little watercolor pocket journals, upcycled from tissue boxes! I posted a blog about that yesterday--so fun.
And one more thing--I have to say my most favorite little thing lately is my datestamp! Too funny...but it has some little phrases to choose from, and I stamp the date into my art journal and write a little diddy about my day. Love it! Now I'm off to visit my crafty buddies, and hopefully some newbies, and peek in on your projects!
My favorite date stamp!

Eat, Write, Dream, and Stitch in your happy place.


  1. Good morning Sandy I have to say we have had the heating on constantly it's been so cold in Lancashire UK.
    I like you little date stamp.
    Stay warm.
    Lynn 52 (I think)

  2. Morning - what a fabulous desk you are sharing, so much to rummage through! Helen, 8

  3. a great desk today and I love your bits and bobs tray it will make your life a little easier.
    Happy WOYWW hope you have a great day
    Ria #48

  4. great looking desk Sandy! I like the little fabric tray holding all the fun stuff to play with! Snow missed us yesterday and after all the hoopla over a blizzard here in Oklahoma! Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing with us! Vickie #41

  5. That's a busy desk. Love your date stamp - and that's reminded me I didn't date my last journal page... Have a great week MM x #97

  6. I understand your love of the date stamp's an awesome item! And you get to use it every day...what's not to like??
    And your bits and bobs are obviously really at home in your fabric tray. It keeps them all together..I like that! Your seed stitch knitting is coming on well, I'm doing a little cardigan for a little girl who is nearly 1, it's a variegated yarn so you never know how the colours are going to turn out. It's like cheating Fairisle !! I'll try to take a pic next week :)
    Hugs, a poorly LLJ with a ear infection..... 38 xxx

  7. I love your post this week!! I am a bits and bobs person - lol. I love your little tray - good idea. x Jo

  8. Sounds like your workdesk is by far the best place to be at the moment! Love your desk tidy tray too. Hugs, Jenny #131

  9. Hi Sandy, I have the Christmas version of that date stamp and I love it too - even though using it is limited to a particular season. Here in the UK we use the term 'bits and bobs' all the time ... it's a coverall phrase that is soooo useful :) Your knitting project looks lovely - I like the effect of moss stitch. Have a great WOYWW. Elizabeth x #104

  10. I love the word "snizzle" will have to remember that one. Thankfully we have lovely sunshine here in the UK at last so making the most of it as it'll probably be winter again tomorrow!!
    You have some lovely things on your desk as always and I adore that date stamp.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #70

  11. Hello Sandy! My first visit to your blog. Jan mentioned you, when we met up this week, so I thought I'd pop in for a look. I'm happy to see you like a bit of everything, just like me xx
    Fiona #137 (I think! Mr. Linky has disappeared)

  12. I have those same cute pink/green containers. Well, one. But I want some more and can't remember where I bought them. LOL. Target?! Take Care. Brigita #136

  13. Hi Sandy
    I dont think I have been warm for weeks (hot flushes don't count) looking forward to spring. the date stamp is so cool I have one without the little sayings... yours is much better. Skyping sounds like a brilliant idea for the crop in june not sure if the hall has wifi though.... julia would know.
    have a good week
    janet #31 i think as Mr Linky has gone AWOL

  14. Your date stamp looks brilliant! Your work desk looks like a lovely space to spend cosy crafty time! Nice bits and bobs tray too.

    Lauren x #140

  15. Bits and bobs eh? Now here's another english-ism you must adopt...refer to men as 'blokes' - oh he's a nice enough bloke'..that'll have you sounding more English than you ever knew!! More key phrases to follow! Love the phot of you in costume, what a multi faceted gal you are.

  16. Sandy, enjoy reading your blog daily if you blog. I'm not a blogger, just a reader of many and the WWOYWW is one of my most favorite on Wednesdays. I love all your work and you have inspired me to get back to cross stitch and crocheting, along with making cards. Love your little water color pocket journal. I live around Hermann, MO so I know what you are going through with the weather.

  17. I love that phrase too - bits and bobs. I like your date stamp - smash comes up with the cutest stuff. April #151

  18. hope the weather improves soon for you, love the journal and the pockets and the date stamp, all of it in fact! Thanks for sharing Tracy #72

  19. Lots to look at and a lot going on. Always makes me happy. I find myself saying things from the UK bloggers too. Have a great week. LisaDV #115

  20. Sandy Leigh - I am always wwwaaayyyy down the list! LOL Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-) April #151
    P.S. I'm like you - I usually don't start at the top - I just bounce around the different numbers.