Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WOYWW 194--Housework Vs. Artwork

Do you ever have that inner/outer struggle of housework verses artwork? Somehow, works of house can't compare to works of art--especially the works of art laying around on your worktable! (No one wants a picture of the Fiestaware laying around on the kitchen cabinet!)

It's What's-On-Your-Workdesk Wednesday--the fabulous blog party hosted by Mrs. Julia Dunnit! And I don't mind being a hot mess today!

New bone folder for $3.22!
Like many of my friends, I can't even think clearly, unless my house is clean...and sometimes that frame of mind spills into my creative corner. I really do prefer it nice and clean. But if it's that clean--there's no creating going on! I always say that someday I will have a whole studio room, where it can just be a hot mess all the time, and I can shut the door!

Anyhoo, over the three-day weekend, I realized I had not touched my art journal in two weeks. That is a huge shame!! So I got out my favorite tin of colored pencils, and doodled away some thoughts and dreams. I found my Smashbook datestamp, and decided to get back in the mode of at least writing a sentence or two about my day. My Smashbook is almost filled up--and I have plans to go to Michaels this week (after the predicted ice storm) and use a coupon to get another one! They have new stuff too--I'm excited! Not too enthused about the predicted freezing rain for Thursday though. I might be working at home that day! I just hope the power doesn't go out.
A new doodle girl for my art journal

I can't wait to visit some of you today. One of these Wednesdays I'm going to try and visit everyone again. That takes some doing. But I hope to get around to several--crafty hugs to you!

P.S. to my Downton Abbey peeps--the season finale left me devastated!! I only hope that Matthew and Sybil are off somewhere doing some fabulous project...and I hope that Call the Midwife starts soon!


  1. I love your post on the undone housework. Same for me - no creating before duty is done. But --- I have a place to shut the door. Oh wonderful - but messy!

  2. Gorgeous doodle girl, I try to find the balance.
    A few chores each day balanced out then play x
    Happy WOYWW Heather # 72

  3. You make a good point bu crafting is definitely the way forward. Lovely doodle
    Famfa 127

  4. I spent most of last week cleaning for our gathering Saturday night so this week it will mostly be creating! I feel the same though, need to keep on top of things or it hampers the mojo! love your doodle girl!

  5. Very cute doodle girl! LisaDV #145

  6. I just cleaned my house and it will stay that way all night because I am taking the kids skating, then to dinner so I won't even mess it up cooking! I hate house cleaning ecause it does not stay that way except cleaing my art room because if it is mess I am to blame and if I clean it it stays that way:) Happy woyww! Lindsay #115 cute doodle BTW:)

  7. Your doodle is adorable! I don't seem to clean my house quite as frequent as I should but it does get there. Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting!
    Carol N #117

  8. Sandy, I can honestly say that I never have a problem choosing between housework and crafting......the crafting wins every time!! I have a reasonably minimalist house, mind you, so a quick whip round every so often does the trick!! Every so often being once every....oh no, I can't tell's too embarrassing!!!!
    Again I think you've got to have some noble English blood in your ancestry, given your love of vintage British telly programmes!! I think it's so funny. Highclere Castle have got their own website which is worth a look to get your Downton fix :)
    Hugs, my lovely US soul sister!
    LLJ 38 xxxx

  9. Happy WOYWW great desk and art work - really love the colours. Housework - what's that? I shall look it up in a dictionary LOL Happy crafting Gill x #103

  10. I have a poem about dust waiting while your children grow up that I used as an excuse while my family were little but I'm sure the same rules apply to crafting and having fun :-)
    A x # 52

  11. I love your pencils, you have inspired me to open my journal,
    thanks for dropping by earlier,
    Happy WOYWW
    Rosie x

  12. Love your doodle girl. I'm a neat freak so the house is (almost) always tidy so I can usually sneak off to my craft room to play - OK the ironing is done on a need to wear basis but ironing is soooo - meh! Have a happy WOYWW MM x #108

  13. I work like you get the house clean and then have the time to craft with no feelings of guilt. Love the bits you have done they bring a smile to my face
    Wishing you a really great WOYWW
    Ria #73

  14. Hi Sandy! gorgeous doodle! I'm so glad I've discovered your blog through WOYWW! Like you I love to experiment with all sorts of crafts and creative outlets!

    Lauren x

  15. Ha! Housework....shall look up the dictionary for that one lol! No but seriously lately my housework has fallen because my head is so focused on art journaling. But today I have told myself that I WILL do the housework as I have some friends coming for lunch! Love your doodle girl Sandy!! I hope the ice storm misses you. I have added your blog into my favs. :-).
    Janene #123

  16. Your doodles are so cute...will look so good in your smash book. I think you are doing good at keeping up with it...2 weeks is not bad at all. You are busy with family commitments and life with kids!

    I like my house ready for drop in company at all times... but I've got the perfect solution for's called retirement!

    I have more hobbies that are year round than DH. He golfs, goes fishing, boating, swimming, barbqueing...all things that occur in fairly nice weather...spring, summer, fall at least.

    He retired Oct 1st and was worried about being bored...I was recuperating from the back surgery and he took over the cooking, grocery shopping, making the lists, checking the flyers etc.
    He also started doing the vacuuming and cleaning one full bathromm, and making the beds, stripping them and taking everything down to the laundry room... Heaven!!!

    When I got stronger he told me he would just continue on with that work...Yay! I cook about once a week. I plan something really nice for that night as it is not a is a treat to cook.

    Maybe it is something to look forward too....tee hee hee

  17. Beautiful work Sandy! I understand the housework thing...I am still working, and I have learned if you have 10 minutes, or have 1 day, the same task will take 10 minutes or 1 day....example, if you had a call that company was coming in 10 minutes....your house would be cleaned up! If you were told the following Morning, it would take all day. so, I set a timer (depending on the job) say, I have to clean the living room...I will set it for 1 hour, and ONLY do that room, thoroughly, or what I call thoroughly....then I get time in the craft room for so long, then another chore....If I did not do that, I would never leave the craft room! and a pigsty it would be! Thank you for your kind visit!

    Hugs Robin

  18. Love your little doddle girl. I have a craft room with a door, and my house needs a cleaning lady, cause I come in here and close the door....LOL I really do need to get things caught up again......maybe next week
    Krisha #21

  19. I understand your dilemma. I try to clean during the week so my weekend can be free for creating. But sometimes sacrifices have to be made in the name of the the arts. ;-) April #130

  20. I have an at home hubby so the housework and grocery shopping are now his domain, the only thing I have to clean is my craftroom!! I like this arrangement, a lot lol!! I love my Prisma pencils too, really wish I'd got them earlier.

    Brenda 114

  21. Thanks for visiting me. Am afraid I prefer craftwork to housework! My husband would say I've got it the wrong way round but boo to him. Your doodle is great. I want to do an art journal but don't know where to start.

  22. Hi Sandy. Sorry I'm late, work gets in the way with my commenting on blogs. :-( I love your little doodle girl. She's so cute. And your journal page that has the chocolate wrapper. Nice. Brigita #134

  23. Love the little doodly dolly. Happy crafting.x Jo