Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WOYWW 193--I Heart My Worktable

I am busy. I don't feel good! But suddenly, the urge to work on my Valentines cards took over the universe, and I was having so much fun, stamping, gluing, writing, I kinda forgot how crappy I felt!

So there you have it. Welcome to What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday!

Joseph had to get in the middle of my work!
I posted my little cards on my blog yesterday, after taking this photo of my worktable full of madness and mess! I just thought it would be fun to send flower seeds instead of flowers to my mom and my sister--much easier anyway! So I got out my new tool, and put some eyelets in these tags and made the cards.

My new hole-punching grommet maker tool rocks!!! I had been using an extremely old hand-me-down to seal eyelets. But, I had a wonderful trip to Michaels for some amazing sales with coupons, and got my powerful tool for 19 dollars. It's normally around 30. It punches holes in chipboard, fabric, and light tin--and it has several settings for different sized eyelets. Best tool I've gotten in a long time! I'm sure you all already have one--I'm probably the last crafter on the planet to get this awesome thing!

Can you tell I'm excited?

My new hole-punching power tool grommet maker--next to an antique eyelet sealer. my Downton Abbey peeps, I just want to say I can't wait until the season finale next week!! At the same time, I can't believe they don't make more episodes for a season--and what's with introducing new characters this late in the season--and oh my gosh, thank goodness Bates is home!!! I was also watching The Story of England, right before Downton, and LOVE it. I'm completely fascinated.

Next week, on Tuesday, I'm posting a blog about making my bohemian bag--so here is a sneak peek of it, all finished--some of you had wanted to see it! Also--FYI--that very heavy antique iron in some of my pics is very handy to set on fabric that I want to keep smooth--but I don't really use it! Tee hee!
I wish I could make a flower seed card for every one of you sweet, creative, lovely souls. Hugs to you all and happy heart day tomorrow!!



  1. what a great idea sending flower seeds and i love the tag card you made to go with them. your bag is really lovely such pretty images
    Happy WOYWW I hope you have a great day
    Ria #47

  2. Gorgeous bag and Idea with the seed tag x
    Happy WOYWW Heather # 62

  3. Oh love your bag! What a good idea to send seeds! I love that tool. I have bad hands due to an injury, and that tool,is my favorite. It is sooooooo easy to punch through anything!

    Hugs, Robin -105

  4. I'm glad you love your crop o dile, Sandy. I've had mine years and still love it.
    You bag is absolutely stunning and I love the idea of sending seeds instead of flowers, my type of gift!!
    We are waiting for the new series of Downton too, not 'till September here. We have had a Xmas special though but that was tooooo sad.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #66

  5. Hi Sandy, glad your "creative therapy" helped you feel better. This seems to be new tool week on WOYWW Robin #105 has been using her new Big Shot this week and I've picked up Purple Cows Sizzle and Melt irons cheap too! Happy WOYWW MM x #127

  6. Hi Sandy,

    Great idea to send flower seeds! Aren't you somethin'! Your boho bag is great too. I'll be stopping by to see the tutorial - although sewing and me don't get along.....

    I imagine they have the plastic shower curtain liners at the dollar store. I bought mine at either TJ Maxx or Ross for about $3.00! Thanks for visiting me already!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #125

  7. Such a good idea to make the cards with packets of seeds. Your vintage style tote bag is super too.
    Jo x

  8. I had to watch Downton Abbey on Netflix, because I couldn't find it on my TV. Only seen season I, season II not on there .yet

  9. Hi Sandi!

    I have nominated your for the Liebster Blogging Award today, pop over to my blog for more info

  10. The bag is fab
    Great idea seed cards
    Your care is lovely
    Jackie 3

  11. Your seed cards are a brilliant idea. Can't wait to see more of the boho bag!

  12. Sending flower seeds is such an excellent idea. You could use it for spring stuff, too. April #119

  13. Never mind the crafting…what a beautiful pussy cat. He looks so full of importance, as they all do when they want your attention. Give him a bug cuddle from me.
    Congrats on getting your new tool. I love mine, if only for the fact you can set the distance from the edge and get them all in the same place, which was something I always struggled with.
    Beautiful bag too, such pretty colours.
    Thanks for stopping by this week.
    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @ 68