Friday, February 22, 2013

Art Journal Friday--Colored Pencil Doodling

It is really a shame when life and all its busyness takes you away from your art journaling! I had not written or doodled or glued or colored anything for two weeks. And it was making me too sad. Thank the heavens for a three-day weekend, and a chance to get inspired and write things down! I got out my tin of my favorite colored pencils, and doodled away!

My sweet mom, who is 86 years old, will often surprise me with various magazine subscriptions. I was reading through my Better Homes & Gardens, and catching up on a couple of issues I had gotten in the mail, clipping out recipes and ideas when I came upon a one-page article. A lady had turned her formal living room into a full-fledged craft room. Her and her husband had built an island-style table in the center and beautiful shelves with the supplies nicely tucked into pretty, decorated bins, so it didn't look bad at all! She said that even when they had dinner parties, the guests and family would always end up in the craft room, with stools around the crafty island, having fun.
I stuck the article into the opposite side with a bit of washi tape so that I can read it again!

Don't you love that idea?

I couldn't get it out of my brain--so, of course, the thought ended up in my art journal!

I love that idea too! Wild, wonderful thoughts and dreams belong in your art journal.

But seriously, wouldn't it be wonderful if every time friends visited your house, they made something?

So cool.

Eat, Write, Dream of a Living-Craft-Room, Stitch


  1. I think it's a brilliant idea! I would love an entire craft room stocked up with goodies! Beautiful art journal page :)

    Lauren x

  2. Love that you journaled about the idea of a studio for the main living is an intriguing idea. Your doodles are adorable, and I like the collage on the facing page too!

  3. Your page is really pretty, I like the fact you've written your thoughts and hope you get a chance to do it one day. I have a group of friends who come round once a week to make stuff. We call it Craft Night & it's my favourtie night in!

  4. I love your doodled page and hope you get to have your nice big space to create in!