Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WOYWW--Clipping and Creating

A little planter box is my notions organizer right now.
The leaves are folded down today. But not for long!
It's What's On Your WorkTable Wednesday...and I do mean Work Table. It has been too long since I've participated in a blog hopping WOYWW! I have a new work table in my cozy creative corner of the world. It's actually an old wooden kitchen table that has been painted and stenciled. It has spent a lot of time sitting on my Greenhouse sunporch where we have had the pleasure of dining on it when we've had a lot of holiday guests overflowing from the dining room--and other times it was just propped up to look cute and make me happy. But now, my Greenhouse is loaded with plants that are being overwintered, along with seeds I am starting for the garden, so the cute little white stenciled table made its way to my creative space.

I think what I like most of all about it, is it has leaves that fold down, so when I am really going wild and making a fabulous mess, it gives me the surface space I need. And when I want things to calm down and be neat and can simply take up less space. Perfect!

I have a big piece of blank, sparkly, aida cloth and my big Stitchbow floss organizer laying out on my work table because I am designing an Easter Egg for the DMC contest, currently being held on their blog. I have a great little cross-stitch design program, and it's about time I started using it more and designing! So I'm excited. For the contest I have to design it, stitch it, and photograph it in a finished a way, all by the end of this month! While I am an admitted cross-stitch-aholic, this will be the first design contest I've ever entered.
Over on my work desk, next to my computer, is my beautifully organized coupon stash! You may remember the mess of coupons I once had on my desk when I was trying to figure out this whole "ultimate couponer" thing. Then I had the opportunity to take a workshop called "Ultimate Couponing" given by a lady who hosts a local savings website, and taught us how to save at least 30 to 40 percent, regularly, on our food bills. She said the average family spends 48 percent of their income a year on food! But you can really learn how to cut that in half by clipping your coupons, keeping them handy and organized, and using them with the items that are on sale that week. If your store doubles coupons--you are in business! Yes, you do have to spend at least two hours a week on this...but it's been shown that you make about $30 an hour when you keep adding to your coupon stash, and shop using sales flyers. My store puts their flyer and even digital coupons on their website, so it's very easy, and I've trained myself so that I still have plenty of time for creating and crafting! Nobody wants this couponing business to take all their free time. But it is worth it.
Happy Wednesday everyone!

Love what you do! Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch!

I couldn't live without my StitchBow...seriously!


  1. Aw - those little cross stitch hearts are lovely. I have been making little felted woolly hearts for the blog shop today!

  2. Oh my you are so organized. I love the stitching. It takes so much time to coupon clip and organize them for use. I admire people who do that. Thanks for sharing! Vickie #69

  3. Oh my, I have a desk just like your white one there. It was my grandmothers. Mine is still the original wood but I think it looks great painted.

  4. Love your cross stitch hearts - our stores her are not so into coupouns unfortunatley ~ Nicky 2