Friday, March 18, 2011

Vintage Recipe Friday--Coffee and Custard

Respect me...respect my coffee! Imagine my shock, when doing a little vintage recipe research, at finding out that "back in the day" some husbands thought that the average woman, inattentive wife, and drugstore waitress, couldn't manage to make a good cup of coffee! This train of thought, apparently, had been going on for hundreds of years-- from a page out of the 1949 Esquire Men's Entertainment Cookbook. Not exactly PC anymore...were 1940's men even buying recipe books?

Coffee used to be a lot more complicated, I'll admit it. So it's not totally shocking that it fell under the spell of olden-day male chauvinism. Thank goodness for coffeemakers is all I can say. 

The next thing to master? A fabulous custard! 

This custard recipe is also from the 1940's, and I can't wait to make it in some cutey cute little custard dishes I found on sale. I am a custard novice, so I'm excited to try it! It only has five ingredients--but several steps. I love the variations too. It looks super yummy! Enjoy!

Make some fresh custard, hot coffee, and knit yourself happy!


  1. mmmmmm custard with coffee! Now that sounds delightful

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