Monday, March 7, 2011

DANCE through Monday with this INCHIE

Even a tiny dancer needs some love from the my "Every Inchie Monday" Dance Inchie features my ballerina daughter accepting her flowers and applause after her beautiful performance as the candy-loving witch in Hansel & Gretel a few years ago.

I've always loved these pictures of her in this costume, so it was fun to print out this teeny tiny version to use for my dance Inchie.

An "Inchie" is one-square-inch of art. Visit the "Every Inchie Monday" Blog at

After trimming out my little photo, I added the word applause, some silver paint, glitter and a few sequins. It is, after all, one square inch--extremely little! Sometimes you feel the urge to load it up, and sometimes, you want to let certain elements speak for themselves and keep it simple.

The next challenge, after creating your Inchie, is always the photographing of your Inchie. I usually come out with a lot of blurry pictures before I get the angle and the light just the way I like it. I have posted my little ballerina in the Inchie Gallery today ( which already has several gorgeous Dance Inchies!

Here is an angle in the sunlight that's a bit more illuminating. 

Dance bags are also fun to make, for tiny dancers. I have a lot of dance-themed fabric from the many years of taking my little one to lessons. These little ribbon-handle bags are easy to whip up and perfect for storing hair accessories and all those little extras you need in your dance world.

Eat. Write. Dream. Stitch. Dance!


  1. Such a lovely tiny dancer! Great inchie.

  2. What a fantastic inchie. So much detail given. Bravo! Bravo!

  3. This is such a great inchie...the metal frame? I think that is what you have used to just perfect for your ballerina. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Great concept and amazing details!

  5. Your daughter was the perfect subject for this cute inchie.