Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring's Wings--It's "Every Inchie Monday"

Okay, first of all, there is snow on the ground this morning in the Ozarks! I don't think my radish seeds out in the garden are very happy...but other than that I am still going to celebrate today's Every Inchie Monday theme, which is "Winged," with my favorite spring winged thing: a butterfly.

Please visit the Every Inchie Monday blog for the most amazing art ever to grace one square inch at

This teeny tiny cross-stitch piece began when I was searching for something usual...and this time it was a piece of black aida cloth which I need for another project. Looking at it I realized that a little stitched butterfly would really pop on that black background, and so it began. 

I designed my butterfly using yellow and green DMC satin floss, and stitched it up in no time at all. I knew I wanted the body to be beaded, and my little aqua beads were perfect. After sewing on the little beads, I trimmed out my one-square-inch.

 My silver DMC memory thread was also ideal for the antennas. And just like that, she was finished! I sewed a linen backing on the black piece of aida, and trimmed the corners with a bit of a bigger bead.

I dearly love this little butterfly, and I'm starting to imagine a bigger canvas with several of them flittering around and some flowers--so I've now got some designing to do! 

I'm also really starting to look forward to the time when I have a year's worth of Inchies to put together in one art piece! I've noticed other participants talking about that idea, and I can't wait to see what that will look like and what shape it will all take.

Ahh. Snow...shmoe...let the sun shine in!

In the meantime, I had seedlings to water on the greenhouse, and my little princess, Minnie, loves to help. She follows me and the watering can all the way down the greenhouse, and of course, has to water herself in the process. Helping Mommy is exhausting! My roma tomato seedlings, planted in mid-February, are getting hearty, and everything else is coming along. I've now planted the yellow pear tomatoes from my sister, so I hope this cold weather snap doesn't put my seedlings to sleep!

I just keep reminding myself, it is, indeed, spring! Although yesterday, the cold led me to mugs of hot tea with my orange blossom honey, and knitting--so I was fine. I watched a wonderful movie on about the life of Dolley Madison--loved it so much, I'm going to have to watch it again. If you watch it, don't miss the special feature about the making of the costumes.
It's all good. Happy eating, writing dreaming, and stitching!


  1. Such a tiny beauty! Also love the photo with all the colorful yarn balls. Still snow? Hope it warms up soon for you. We are well into spring here in south Texas and my garden is up and producing already.

  2. Sandy, what a sweet little butterfly. If it will make you feel better about spring, we have so much snow still that I haven't been able to dig in the dirt at all! I'm really wanting a warm up!

  3. It's lovely! I can see why you love it and want to make more. It has been warm here in South Carolina but it has gone back to freezing. Brr!

  4. This tiny burst of color is wonderful...I am a little late posting but I am trying to catch up. Love you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. I just love the stitching! What a great inchie.
    And Minnie....I have a kitty that looks just like her. Well, my cat has a few more pounds on her.

  6. I am utterly amazed that you can embroider and embellish something so small so neatly. Its gorgeous.

  7. Your embroidery is beautiful! I love the contrast with the black.