Monday, March 21, 2011

Inchie Monday--RHYTHM INCHIE

When you have rhythm--it's a sort of daily thing--you have it every day in every way. It's in a song you're singing with the's in your feet when you hear a Michael Jackson's in the flowers swaying in the wind...rhythm is engrained in the time of year and the way we go about our day. 

My teeny tiny Inchie!
This week's Every Inchie Monday theme, rhythm, is a fabulous theme to sit down and interpret in some kind of artistic way. Not to mention, a piece of art that must be one-inch by one-inch. (Visit My first visual thought of rhythm was Fred Astaire's tap shoes. But when you love someone like Fred Astaire, and you've watched enough of his dance performances, it all seeps into your skin and into your personal daily culture--it's more than the feet. 
So, back to the days. All I have to do is look at my calendar--the way I highlight, circle, draw, make notes (in spite of technology, I can't let go of my regular paper calendar journal) see the rhythm of my days. There's creativity, chores, plans, events, busy work, children, friends, family...there's a big star on the night I'm going to see Elton John! There's choir practice...sometimes play practice...and a definite void where there should be more violin practice. I love this, daily life thing...and so my Rhythm Inchie, the Rhythm of Days, begins with a piece of a calendar that used to be stark and white, and is now layered with the special, joyful, messy, mundane, fun, organized, musical, magical marks that symbolize the rhythm of everyday life.

I found the cutest lemon cucumber seeds this weekend--and a wonderful stash of beautifully inexpensive bulk seeds at my hardware store. Love it love it! Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch and Grow!


  1. I love your right on the money! Have a great week! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Love your inchie. Rhythm is in so many things isn't it. You will have to let me know how those lemon cukes are.

  3. Love your inchie and how you interpreted the rhythm of daily life. Elton John? How cool!!!!
    Get back honky cat, better get back to the woods...
    just one of my fav songs ;)

  4. I love all the textures on your inchie. Makes me want to reach out & touch it.

  5. What a great idea! I love your interpretation!