Monday, February 28, 2011


An "Inchie" is one square inch of art.
Today's Inchie theme, "Frolic," might have you imagining someone skipping through a field of flowers.  

But I pictured someone who had just finished her frolic. Someone with long pink hair, on a windy day, standing in the middle of a field of bachelor's buttons, smiling, with the wind blowing her curls straight up. That's my "frolic." Oh, and she is purple.

She began her life on a one-inch square of 14-count aida cloth. I inserted her DMC memory thread curls--using a long straight pin to wind each strand around making the tiny ringlets.

I quickly embroidered her face and a hint of a blue dress. The tiny piece of aida cloth quickly wanted to unravel, even though I had sewn the edges--I saved it by giving it a piece of purple polka dot material for the backing. My frolic was over!

Here's a another portrait of Frida--I couldn't decide which background to photograph her on for the Every Inchie Monday gallery. (visit

This is the one I think I will upload. Phew! Next week the theme is "Dance."


  1. She's certainly had a good time!

  2. I love her hair! Now I have to get going and get my inchie posted!

  3. Wow! What a great expression of frolic this is.
    That fine!! Love it.

  4. Freida sure looks like someone who knows how to frolic! Love your inchie.

  5. She's incredible! Thanks for sharing the process!

  6. That is so cool, Sandy, I love her hair, it's such fun!!!

  7. Cutie Inchie...I used the color infusions and love it...