Sunday, February 13, 2011

Make It Steamy--Your Valentines Tea and Coffee Is Served

Little mug rugs for a Valentines brunch table.  

I found several more little well-loved quilt rectangles in my stash, perfect to applique, embroider, and trim and repurpose into a stack of a little mug rugs (a few days ago, I made the large-size for a mug and a cookie). These sweetheart mug rugs are ready for a brunch, a tea party, or bedside with a book and a mug. 

It started with a mistake. I was cross-stitching several hearts for a future cross-stitch quilt I'm slowly working on, when I realized I had made one of the hearts in a row the wrong size. Knowing I'd have to start over, I just snipped them out of the aida cloth and threw them aside. Later, they just seemed perfect to applique onto my little mug rugs. Also perfect was a bead and silk bridal-style trim--ideal for my sweetheart theme.

On another mug rug, I trimmed it in a sweet eyelet. I think this was my favorite.  It was faster too, I was able to do this trim with the sewing machine. But the more delicate ribbon and bead bridal trim had to be sewn on by hand.

And what's nice about using fabric, or well-loved quilt patches for any size mug rug is that you don't feel so bad if there are little spills or just adds to the character of the piece!

you can see the mistake cross-stitch heart here--yikes
a little beaded heart ornament from the Valentines tree

heart candles in pewter votive holders

Happy Valentines! Time to put on your heart jammies and do nothing!

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