Monday, February 21, 2011

Cosmic Creative Space Inchie

It's "Every Inchie Monday" and the theme is "Cosmic."

My Inchie creation today is called "Cosmic Creative Space." 

Since I happen to LOVE shows about the universe, along with my passion to create things, I dug into my stash for anything that looked like God's sparkling, mysterious, glam-filled universe in order to create my Inchie (an Inchie is one square inch of art). 

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my scrapbooking stash
I happened to find a little stash of gift tags--most of them were shaped like Christmas bells, but I found some squares and one black tag, trimmed in silver, and it was exactly one square inch! I was happy! I cut off the string, and inserted a sequin and a bronze brad into the little hole. My first planet! 

Then I found a bead that reminded me of a whole galaxy, another bead that looked like either an odd-shaped galaxy or possibly a space ship, and a bunch of little crystal-like stickers. I needed a comet, and DMC Light Effects Floss and a couple of sequins did the trick.

One jeweled star sticker sort of rounded out my tiny creative universe, and the pink glitter hinted at the wonders that are too far away to see. Done! Ahhh...many more Inchie Mondays to come...I can't wait.

I think my craft table becomes quite the creative universe when I'm working on an Inchie!

And Minnie helped, of course!


  1. Spectacular! I love your kitty, too!

  2. Wonderful display of the thought process to get the cosmic inch.

  3. Love your blingy universe!

  4. Yeah Sandy! You joined in and are featured on the EIM page...congratulations! I love your inchie by the way, so fun and full of planetary intrigue...hehehe!

  5. Love your cosmic inchie and the process that created it! All the bling and sparkle.
    Hugs, antonella :-)

  6. Wow, gorgeously sparkly and colourful universe, its fabulous.

  7. Stunning, well done. I love the edging on the square.

  8. Wow, this is really a beauty!!!

    Minnie is gorgeous too!