Monday, February 14, 2011

My First "Every Inchie Monday" - FISHY

Well Inchies are harder than I thought! 

"Every Inchie Monday" began on January 1st, but I am just now joining in on the fun and creativity. You create one square inch of art out of anything--as long as you stick to the theme for that week. It sounds so fun! But this week, the theme was "fishy" -- I had no good ideas on "fishy" so I created the teeniest little cross-stitched mermaid ever. I think it looks better in person--but I'm already in love with Every Inchie Monday, so hopefully I will get better and better. Here is the link if you are interested:

Since it is officially Valentines Day today, my little mermaid has her heart in the sky--she's trying to escape the ocean, just like The Little Mermaid! (one of my favorite Disney movies)

Here you can see that this teeny cross-stitch is indeed one-inch square. How fun is that!

To begin my cross-stitched inchie, I took 18-count Aida cloth, marked a square inch with a bright orange floss, and started creating my original little design. I added some little blue beads for sea bubbles (see the little gold fish in the sea?) and my mermaid's long hair also has some sparkling red DMC floss. I outlined her face and body before filling in with cross stitches.

Even some of my smallest beads look huge on this!

My Valentine surprised me this morning with a Pandora bracelet!!! (pic to come later) I've always always wanted one, and it is beautiful and sentimental. I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines too!  EWDS


  1. Wow that is the tiniest of stitching. What a great inchie!

  2. Way to go. She's lovely. Inchies are a lot of work but they are also fun.

  3. This is so darling, it's unbelievable!! Good embroidery, too.

    Take care, Linda