Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Little Nook to Stitch In

I have a little sewing nook. It's just one part of my crafty corner of the world.
Here's what I've managed to place in one small sewing nook: a small table, definitely vintage, I've had for years, a shelf overhead for some vertical storage with hooks underneath to attach ribbon rods, and a shelf unit hubby built on top of the table. There's a bit more storage underneath the table as well, since I don't sit at it.

The shelf lets me have extra, usable, active storage, and let's me stand while I sew at the machine, which I often prefer. Since my machine is easily portable, it can be moved to the dining table for a big, day-long project if needed. I have a Brother sewing machine which is also an embroidery machine--so it's nice to have all the attachments and machine extras organized here in one place. When I need to convert it to embroidery mode, I make room there by moving my sewing caddy, attach the extra arm, change the foot, and I'm ready to go. My sewing caddy box with the handle came from Michaels last year--I used the coupon so it was a great deal. It's usually sitting there by the machine--but it is full of supplies that can travel around the house if I'm doing a hand-stitching project.
Here's a peek behind the table shelf--since there is room back there, I have a place for my spool rack, and some sewing extras.
It's nice to have the ribbon handy there too--they are actually hanging on very sturdy, dried out tree branches. When I think back on how my mother sewed, I realize how different I am with how I do things in my little sewing nook. My mom had a big, gorgeous sewing cabinet, and a quite expensive for the time sewing machine. Everything was inside her sewing cabinet, so when she wasn't sewing it was nice and shut up. I have no room for a huge sewing cabinet like that, and I'm a little more eclectic--plus, I love to stand when I'm stitching because I just feel like I have more control, and it's kinder to my back. I do remember how excited my mom was when I got this sewing machine. I definitely got my love of stitching from that beautiful, amazing lady. And I always think of her when I start on a project.

I've been reorganizing to make the most of my stash all year! I think being organized and knowing what you have, as in "active storage" rather than simply being a warehouse for stuff you've lost track of, is the number one way to dash your stash. Saves money! And it's a plan that applies to every room in your house. Happy Stitching.

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Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. I cam just imagine you having fun in your sewing nook....please can I come to play?!

    1. We would have a ridiculous amount of fun!!!

  2. How cozy and colorful! This reminds me of my mother-in-law's sewing room. :-)