Wednesday, May 13, 2015

WOYWW 310 - New Crafty Corner

Well I did it...changed the places where I land to do my craftiness. I'll have to post all about it soon. But in the meantime, I've moved back into my big ole desk with the cubbies, and I like all the new space I have now, compared to before.
My cubbies were a mess too and I cleaned those out.
On this early morning, before heading to the office, I'm having my mug o coffee and sorting out 37 skeins of DMC floss. I'm in love with the dollhouse pattern on El Blog de DMC. She is sharing the 12 rooms, one month at a time. We are now done with the top floor (and no I haven't crossed one stitch yet), and of course you can retrieve them all anytime. But the point is, I was lazy. Hubby and daughter treated me like a queen on Mother's Day, and that included a trip to Michaels--which I had been trying to avoid excessive craft shopping. Maybe I've watched an episode of Hoarders? just seemed so much easier to use a fabulous 25% of the entire purchase coupon and get all the skeins I needed for the project instead of trying to dig them out from everywhere. Also got new stitchbows in that discount, and I'm getting the skeins popped on them and the project will be ready to go! They will be organized in a little Stitchbow bag I have.
At the back in the catchall tin bowl is a bag of 25 stamps I won from Unity! Can you believe it? I participated in one of their Facebook contests and quickly received a bag of 25 random stamps in the mail one day. I am so excited to sit down and explore and get them all categorized and put away nice and neat as I choose the first ones I want to use. I may put some of the sentiments on blocks--I have a whole box of old jenga style blocks I use for that. They usually stick on pretty well.
A little closeup of the bag of 25 Unity stamps I won.
I'm really enjoying my more organized, prettied up space. Here's a little peek at my drawer.
 Am I all organized or what! I just used everything I had, and this had previously been a messy drawer, and then this tray was full of disorganized bits and bobs on a shelf. Now it's serving this drawer to my craft desk very well, and I can find things. Yay! I consolidated most of my sewing stuff though at my new sewing table, and I will post about it all when I can get the photos done.
In the meantime, Joseph is behind me on the floor poof--which he thinks is a cat bed--and he says hello!

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  1. Hi Sandy nice to be organised and yes everything is look pretty. That's a lot so embroidery thread to organise, pretty colours and then you'll be ready to tackle the dolls house. Have a great week RobynO#15

  2. Oh now i am feeling even more guilty - lol. I should be sorting all my stash out and not be sitting here blogging!! Do you want one of my ATCs this year? If so leave me a comment. x Jo

  3. Great WOYWW thanks for sharing xx Jan (54)

  4. Which my threads and stitchy stuff was as tidy lol
    Thank you for showing us your desk :) #31

  5. Wow your desk looks so pretty. I love all the cubbies it has to hold things. Very cool! I had a great Mom's day son gave me a package of 7 canvases of 12"X12" size. That kid gets me! Thanks for sharing :) Shel @ PaperOcotilloStudio

  6. Hooray for being spoilt and getting lovely new stash for Mother's Day and that surprise win!! It's even better when you haven't bought it yourself :-)
    I must say, I love your newly organised space and drawers...isn't it better when you know where everything is straightaway? I can't bear wasting time searching for stuff....while I'm not a planner/organiser in my life, when it comes to crafting, then I most definitely am!
    Your eye op sounds awful...I do hope that you're ok now. It's weird how dodgy having anything done to your eyes makes you feel. I remember when my mum had a cataract op, she said the actual procedure was straightforward, it was the drops before and after that made her feel squiffy. I still think you're brave having it done.
    I'm so glad that that the bag is still doing you good service! I must say, I use mine all the time and it's standing up well to lots of being carted around. Think I've got to try making something else though....I seem to do bags a lot!!
    Take care...I'll put up lots of pictures at the crop. Wish you could be there....
    Hugs, LLJ 18 xxxx

  7. Hi Sandy. What a lovely new crafty space you have, I adore your cubby holes. I remember sorting out embroidery skeins years ago when I cross stitched. I love having all the colours in boxes and often use them in my crafting even now. I'm glad your loved ones spoilt you for Mother's Day, nothing like having a treat and adding to your crafty stash for a special occasion.
    Joseph looks very content on his cushion.
    Have a lovely week
    Hugs Lisax #25

  8. Ooh you are so lucky having Michaels - I love visiting my step son in the US because I get to do loads of shopping in that wonderful store - I make a shopping list throughout the year and go mad when I get over there! How lovely that you got spoilt on Mothers Day - and also winning that bag of stamps - what a lovely week you've had!

  9. Its great to be organised - but unfortunately my desk doesn't stay that way for long! Thanks for sharing,
    Bernice #62

  10. What a brilliant happy post! Craft shopping, winning stamps and getting organised - so encouraging - maybe when I get back from the crop I will get organised!! Thanks for visiting! Chrisx 55

  11. I love your new bright crafty corner - such a "happy" place to create!

    Create With Joy

  12. Hi Sandy, looks organised to me Lol!
    Hi to Joseph too. Have a good woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 34

  13. Your space is looking wonderful and congrat on winning all those Unity stamps have fun playing with them all hugs Nikki 2


  14. Wow, lucky YOU. A trip to Michael's on Mother's Day. HMMM. My two "boys" didn't even make me coffee. Squiggles runs and hides when I hit the button the coffee grinder, and Bleubeard just walks away. He's used to the noise. Lucky you.

    Joseph looks happy and content. So glad he's such a photogenic cat. And I really like your organized work space. I'm such a neat freak, I could feel at home in your space.

    Thanks for the earlier visit. Happy WOYWW from #9.

  15. Fun if you can move back to your old desk and feel it is new again. I guess that's the point of profound clean ups and tidy ups... I love knowing where my stuff is, and when the desk becomes too messy, life gets difficult... Happy woyww!

  16. Hi Joseph, Yoda sends paw pats and hugs to you too Sandy, what a sort out you are going through and what bargains to be had, I would do exactly what you have done too. Sorry I am visiting so late in the week, just sneaking in a few whilst at work.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 67

  17. The dollhouse project sounds like such fun. I do hope you'll share your completed piece. Congrats on the stamp winnings - fun stuff!! And organization, isn't it a wonderful feeling to be able to find your supplies? I know I'm loving what little bit I've gotten completed too. Thanks for sharing your desk too.
    Hope #60