Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Little Weaving - Trying An Old-Fashioned Pin Loom

Isn't this a pretty little loom? I was walking around a craft festival on a gorgeous, sunny day this past weekend, and found this booth--Dewberry Ridge. They handcraft their own weaving looms of many sizes. I've actually been thinking about weaving, so it wasn't really on impulse that I bought this beautiful little loom. They are the nicest people, and made sure to give me a lesson and all the tools I needed.
It tightens and shrinks when it comes off the loom.
My last weaving class was in 1988! I was working at a college, and they had a gorgeous weaving studio--gorgeous, huge, amazing! There was a whole room devoted to one loom, and another whole room devoted to the threads! At that point, all I did was cross-stitch, so I had not come into my full crafty goddessness, and I don't think I appreciated that experience like I should have. But I remember how relaxing it was to sit at the loom, and throw the thread boats back and forth and make fabric. I thought it was really cool. BUT! Threading the loom was a whole different story. 

My first couple of squares were wonky--getting much better at it now!
Threading the floor loom was a nightmare to me really. The painstaking process just wasn't worth it. But the love of weaving stayed somewhere in the back of my mind, and here I am 26 years later, discovering a little old-fashioned style loom, self-warping so no threading needed, and I love it. The wood is beautiful, soft and polished, and this thin variegated yarn is a fun one to start off with. Each square only takes five minutes to make, so soon I'll have a basket full to make something with! And I'll definitely use the first wonky pieces I made for a mixed media project! Have a happy day! Weave something! (I'm off to start my weaving board on Pinterest)

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Weave

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