Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WOYWW 274--A Crafter's Gotta Shop

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Today, on my craft table -- goodies from a little shopping...
Not too sister and I were inbetween some errands together, and stopped by Hobby Lobby before our next appointment. We have a lot of fun in the Hob Lobb. I had already found two new shades of both hemp and bamboo cord at Wal-Mart for three dollars--then I found the Hemp cording with sparkles in it, slightly different packaging, at the Hob Lobb for 4.99. BUT, I could use the 40% off coupon! Super cheap. Their whole line of Me and My Bag, which is a lot of tote bags, backpacks, purses, was greatly marked down. I got a little clutch I'm going to embroider the daylights out of...also got DD a very cute quilted black cross-body for a few bucks. Glass beads were 50% off, and so were those earrings, so we had quite the time. Later I picked up my new ESV Journaling Bible at my local CPO for a discount as well. I was on a frugal roll! I already love art journaling in my new bible, and I'm enjoying the FB group - Journaling Bible Community. You can also find the journaling bibles on Amazon. It was nice to be able to get it in person and support a local business though.
The clutch bag I'm going to embroider and my new journaling bible.
I use these glass beads for so many projects.
I'm really happy with making a crochet chain with this cord for pendant necklaces. It's so earthy! I think I can use it for scrapbooking and cards too now that I've stocked up. Have a good week!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Shop


  1. Its always nice to get new stash, happy playing. Francesca #43

  2. Great to get some new goodies. Thanks for sharing your workspace today. Hazel, WOYWW, #34 x

  3. Wow! I want to shop with you! You scored some awesome goodies!

    Hob Lobb...I miss it. What a great store. I could easily spend a whole afternoon there.

    Thanks for sharing your goodies! Have a great week. :)
    Hugs, Kathy Jo #44

  4. I agree with your post's title: a crafter's got to shop. :-) Glad you had a fun time finding new goodies. The last time I went to HL I lucked upon lots of sales, too. Happy WOYWW! ~ Laura #53

  5. Hi Sandy. I've linked into WOYWW for the first time and I'm enjoying snooping around. You certainly got some bargains there!
    I had never heard of a journaling Bible. I hope you will show us in future posts what you do with it. I do scribble in mine but I find there is never enough room.
    Thanks for sharing your workspace.
    Lisca #61

  6. That is quite the score!! I don't get to HL often, as my only free travel days are Sunday; they're just too far out for a lunch hour jaunt. Shame, as they have great deals. Have a great week.

  7. I agree, a crafter's gotta shop! Looks like you have some great projects going on there.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments. Wish I could send you a few of these tomatoes. :-)

    Happy creating and happy woyww,

    Sandy #21

  8. Sounds like my kind of shopping trip - wish we had Hobb Lobb here! Enjoy :o) and happy WOYWW Annie C #45

  9. Your working on a lot of different things - love that! I may try a journaling bible also - hard to actually think about doing that though

  10. Love the things from your shopping trip! Look forward to seeing what you make! Chris46

  11. Ooer, Sandy, loving them all.. your journalling Bible looks amazing .. well done.. on all your treasures have some of that help cord bought at Abakhan in 2012 when in Manchester. Shaz in Oz.x #33

  12. Hi Sandy, some great bargains there. Wish we had Hobby Lobby here, the only craft chain here is not that good :-(
    Thanks for your visit
    Debs 35

  13. Once again you are tempting us with all your crafty goodies! What bargains you manage to get from Hobby Lobby - wish we had them in the UK...sigh... I like the bamboo and hemp cords, bet they'll look fab all crocheted up into a pendant cord. Are they quite thin to work with?
    Thanks for telling me about the butterflies, it made me smile. I hope that May and June are drinking tea and chatting too :-) My poor old dad is getting worse with his dementia, we're trying to get more help for him at the moment. Fingers crossed. He doesn't want to leave Wales you see and my brothers and I live 2-3 hours drive away from him, so it's tough.
    Hope you and your family are all ok and happy!
    Hugs, LLJ 24 xx

  14. I am so envious of your shopping at Hobby Lobby we don't have that company here in Australia and I hear people always mentioning the bargains they get for there. You certainly have a good haul to play with too.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 49
    Happy WOYWW

  15. Lots of lovely new goodies there - I have quite a few of those hemp cords too - so useful. Sunshine Girl #17

  16. I don't know the shop that you mentioned but the stuff looks great.
    Happy crafting, Angela x 38

  17. Looks like you found lots of goodies. Can't wait to see what you do with them.
    April #70

  18. What a great haul from your shopping trip! And thanks for the heads up about the JBC - just what I've been looking for, so I've joined. Have a great weekend, Chris # 29

  19. Woohoo! I'm glad I'm not the only one who went on a super crazy shopping spree this week! Enjoy playing with all your new goodies!

    Happy (late) WOYWW!
    Amy E. #4

  20. Hi Sandyl! I hadn't had a chance to visit you last week so I am here now... a week later (but there's no new woyww-post from you yet, so I comment on this one) The cord you bought is so pretty... I love those natural colours and textures.Happy creating and happy woyww! Marit (#53 on September 10)