Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Embroidered Wristlet - Doodle Stitched

 Happy Tuesday. A morning with my favorite coffee and a little embroidery really does make me happy. This time of year you see all the ready-to-decorate bags go on sale in the craft store. I bought a very plain little wristlet--but the sale price was so good, I could have never constructed it myself for that price and it's nice to save a few steps. I'm having so much fun doodle stitching all over it, I will need to buy a few more for Christmas gifts! I just pulled out my basket of on-the-go embroidery, where I mostly use #5 cotton pearl flosses, and I just start stitching. You can't go wrong, because the more you stitch, the better you get. If you just know a few basic stitches, you can doodle stitch all day! 
My embroidery basket goes everywhere with me

First I removed the wristlet handle, and ran it through the sewing machine, using a flower stitch and variegated purple thread. I'll add some ribbons and beads to the handle too--a true diva bag!

Then I put a few rows of machine stitches around the top of the bag itself with the same purple variegated thread--I think it's Sulky brand. I appliqued a diecut heart, from my stash of diecut fabrics, and then I just started stitching. I'll share it when both sides are done! I love having an ongoing little project like this, and the best thing is, I'm creating wearable art. I'll get to share my embroidery with anyone who sees me using my little bag!
The basic wristlet
Stitching around the top with a decorative machine stitch
Forgot to mention - I added a trim to the bottom
A whimsical heart, appliqued and embroidered, and a butterfly!
 I'll be stitching the daylights out of this little bag, and you won't recognize it. More to come!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch Happy

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