Saturday, August 10, 2013

Homemade Aloe Vera Gel

If you cook, if you love the sunshine, and if you like soft skin, you probably need an Aloe Vera plant.

Some people call Aloe Vera the cook's plant, because if you put pure, fresh aloe on one of those little burns from the stove or oven, it simply will never hurt, and will heal so much faster. This works for little burns from the iron too.

We also use fresh aloe for sunburns, bug bites, and skin softening.

Many people think Aloe Vera is like a miracle plant and holds a myriad of health benefits.

In that light, I thought I'd share this Aloe Vera gel recipe you can make from your own plants. It keeps in the fridge for several months.

Place a few long Aloe Vera stems vertically in a tall glass or jar to drain any dark resin--takes a few minutes.
Wash the stems and remove the aloe gel.
Place the aloe gel in a blender with a few drops of vitamin E oil or grapefruit seed extract. This helps preserve the gel.
Blend and pour into a sterilized Ball jar. The foam at the top will settle down. Refrigerate.

If you have a little kitchen burn or a sunburn, the cold fresh Aloe Vera gel will feel so good on your skin. Enjoy!

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