Tuesday, August 20, 2013

WOYWW 220--Searching for UFO's

Well if it's not a mess, you aren't busy--to quote someone off of a home decorating show! Happy What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday lovelies!

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My very full Smash book

So I stopped what I was doing for a minute to capture my creative mess. I'm so busy, it was like now or never. I had been card-making...then I got into a mood to dig through a basket and found some of my shameful UFO's (unfinished objects) and layed them out to get them back on my radar while I was waiting for some spray paint to dry. I tend to layer up an art journal page here and there over a few days' timespan before I actually journal on it. I'm finishing up my first Smash book which is quite overloaded, as I go on to the second.

Among my UFO's I found an owl embroidery which is going to be part of a patchwork bag for darling daughter who loves owls and is back to college this week and needs more bags. I also found my butterfly scarf--it just needed finishing, so that took two minutes, and wallah! I'm ready to wear it this winter (and start on the next one).
A little owl I designed
The butterfly scarf!

Working on an art journal page's layers
The weather here in the Ozarks USA has been unbelievably pleasant, cool and dry. It makes me feel so good! We've had our air conditioning off for a week now! I don't ever remember an August like this. It's been such a wonderful summer.

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Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Finish


  1. I love the little owl...so tweet! great working space you have!! Happy WOYWW
    ((Lyn))no 5

  2. You really are busy whereas I am just messy!

    Thanks for sharing, hope you have a good week

    Candace #14

  3. Your desk is not at all messy. And I like that you got at least one UFO finished.

    Of course, the weather here has been less than perfect. Rain, humid, muggy weather, mosquitoes you wouldn't believe, flies as large as a house, and yes, a summer like I've not seen in years. I bet the trees will be gorgeous this fall in your neck of the woods! Happy WOYWW from # 10.

  4. Sandy I am definitely going to use your UFO's expression to refer to my ever-growing pile of unfinished projects. I am notorious for starting a bunch of things only to drop the ball.

    Love the scarf and would love a peek into that full Smash album.

    And the owl you made is really cute. Can't wait to see the purse.

    As always you manage to inspire. Thanks for sharing!

    Belinda (15)

  5. oh, i've got a lot of UFOs around and you've reminded me about them! over here it's been raining for days and flooding in a lot of areas. i am so thankful we're high and dry in our area. happy WOYWW! peggy aplSEEDS@12

  6. Yes I too have a heap of UFO's which I should probably pull out and finish. It looks like you have had a great week creatively. Happy WOYWW! Danie #17

  7. You are doing a lot of cool crafting. happy crafting #7

  8. Hello, wow you have a lot lot going on! I love all the colors! Until later Have a great day and Bright blessings to you and yours Roberta 26

  9. Dont you love it when you go to the UFO's basket or tub and get all caught up in the process you were doing ages ago but abandoned! It's like revitalized creativity. Cute owl too. Glad to hear the weather has improved to a comfortable working climate.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 24

  10. Oh dear Guilt, Guilt..now we'll all have to draf out those UFO's and look them in the eye and pledge to finish them.I have finished a couple this week It does feel good.Sometimes I have to leave things unfinished because I don't know what to do next.Then I'll use them sometimes months later.
    Judy #28

  11. Hi sandy, it's all good on your desk today. We've all got those UFOs lurking around our craft rooms, maybe one week we should ask Julia to host a UFO special where we have to air our shameful secrets! If you have stitching UFOs you might like to play along here http://ufotofinish.blogspot.co.uk/ have a happy week MMx #33

  12. I try not to leave ufo's around but do have one or two.... love your journal and the bulging Smash book!! Have a great week. Helen 8

  13. Love the UFO's nickname...........I have plenty around here really must get around them some time. Looking forward to starting my "journal/smash book" next week

    happy woyww
    sue #40

  14. Your workspace is full of gorgeous, uplifting colour as always! I adore the little owl you designed - so clever. Nobody else will have a bag quite like your daughter's! I also love scarves; I have so many my daughter once said, 'Mum, you have a problem!' But there is nothing nicer than snuggling into a cosy, pretty scarf! Your butterfly one is fab!Love the journal and Smash book too. I love the idea of UFOs - well the name, anyway! Have a great, creative, colourful and happy week! I've said it before and I'll say it again a visit to you is always so uplifting! Julie Ann xx #35

  15. Your scarf is gorgeous. I just love it. It will be great this winter. Seems like you have been really busy doing all sorts of fun things. Love it!!
    Have a great week. Sara j #42

  16. I need to get my UFO box out again after I have done my market this week-end...wonder what I will find in it?

  17. Ooh Sandy, am super impressed at your finishing spurt..and also that you even put UFOs away! Mine are just lying about staring hatefully at me! What's the yarn for - it's quite lovely.

  18. The owl is so cute - trust your daughter loves it, too. OFOs? - well, I wouldn't worry to much about having them - just think of the fame Schubert managed with his!!!
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #58

  19. Hi Sandy
    it looks like you have found some great bits that just need a little finishing time and then you have some great projects.
    Your journal pages are looking amazing
    Have and extra special WOYWW and week
    Hugs Ria #138

  20. Cute little owl embroidery - show us the finished bag won't you. x Jo

  21. I think we had your heat here:( glad your weather has been good. Love the scarf, and of course the journal, spotted the lovely gelato's too.

    Lynda #96

  22. We've had a wonderful summer here too..today is warm and sunny again with a pleasant breeze. So I've been out gardening...well, mostly weeding actually, but hey ho!
    I still love that butterfly scarf..I'm going to make some for the Women's Refuge to use as Christmas presents, I think.
    Love the little owl too!!
    Hugs, LLJ 63 xx

  23. I may not have alot of UFO's but I have alot of stuff to actually START projects, LOL. Have a great week!! Brigita #108

  24. Me again!! I had to laugh..I'm ALWAYS in bare feet, in the house and out in the garden. It's the first thing I do when I arrive home after being out, take off my shoes and socks or whatever....bliss!!! The feeling of bare feet in the early morning dew on the grass is one of life's simplest but best pleasures!!
    LLJ xxxx

  25. I forgot that UFOs were also UnFinished Objects. I was waiting for some visits from little green men from outer space. I only ever seem to run across my UFOs when I'm looking for something else so getting them out would only put them in my way, so I suspect that unlike you I'll never get mine done!

  26. Always great to get a UFO out & make it a FO !! Hope you get them done ! Ali #30

  27. Your workspace looks fabulos and so feminine. Thank you for sharing! Greetings from Erika no. 76

  28. Love your owl, adorable. Your scarf is great, I always appreciate that others can do that hand work as I cannot. Kim #52

  29. Whoooo whouldn't love that owl? glad you had a ufo surface.