Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tatoo Your Summer Jeans--Embroidery and Sequins for Your Wearable Art

I managed to score some really cute cropped jeans at Kohls for only ten bucks! That was combining a sale price with a little Kohls cash, and wallah! As you know, we girls are always picky about the fit and look of our jeans--and I'm always looking for cute jeans with embroidery--but all I could find was some plain know what to do: tatoo your jeans yourself!

I roughed out the embroidery design I wanted first. Then I picked out some fun, fresh, spring floss colors. DMC is my favorite floss. I suggest using one of those Michaels "20 percent off your whole purchase" coupons, and then buy a bunch of floss at a discount.
Then, I started stitching using the chain stitch for the crown outline, backstitch for the smaller design elements, satin stitch to fill in the hearts and circles, and then my loopy flowers to finish. Use a nice tapestry needle with a wide eye, because you'll be using all six strands of the floss skein, but a nice sharp point to make it nice and easy to sew on your jeans. I put this design on the front of the left leg. It took a few hours over a couple of evenings of stitching. Next...I'm doing the back of the right leg!
I had my design all stitched when I looked over on my worktable, and noticed this little container of onto the design they went!
These jeans still had the tag on! But I'm wearing them now.
Eat, Write, Dream in DMC, Stitch


  1. Really cute. Gosh, I used to do that in the 1970's. I still like the look, even at 60. :)

  2. OMG, I love how you have your floss stored and the cute jeans!!!

  3. How cute! I bet it looks cute on.