Friday, April 5, 2013

Art Journal Friday - Enjoy Your Mornings

Your art journal can be a good place to start your mornings and get you going for a busy day!

On this page, I used water colors, gelato crayon, permanent marker, and a scrap piece of scrapbook paper. Having scrapbook paper around comes in handy for so many things beyond the scrapbook: cards, art journaling, tags, and framing photos. I don't know where this lovely morning face came from--except maybe, the sea. The Little Mermaid was one of the first books I had when I learned to read at age 5, But, it was not the Disney version. It was a big, shiny black book with a 3D picture on the cover. I had three books like that--I wish I knew where they were! The Little Mermaid has a really sad ending--so I loved when the Disney version came out. I must have been in touch with my inner mermaid when I was doodling this page about mornings. Who knows!
Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. Beautiful page and a great way to start the morning!

    Lauren x

  2. Love your page. Mornings are great...I try to make each one that way. My dad always said when our feet hit the floor when we got out of bed, the choice was ours...make it a good day or make it a good day. :)

  3. What a lovely page, Sandy and I agree with what you've written too! Also with Yvonne's comment as well!
    It's a good day in my house as my eldest son is 20 today...we've just been for a meal in a Japanese restaurant...yum :P How can I be old enough to have a child two decades into their life??? Lol xxxx

    1. Oh Jan--you absolutely look like you should have little kids, not 20 year olds! But what a wonderful thing to celebrate, and happy birthday to your precious boy--Japanese food sounds soooo good, even though it is almost 9 a.m. here! Tee hee! My daughter will be 19 this summer, and I can't believe that either, and she's been such a delight I would do it all again! She and I are heading out after her last class today to do a Michaels run! She loves yarn and I love...oh...everything! Hugs!

  4. Love your morning sentiments
    Rosie x