Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Floss Lova!

Look at these gorgeous spring sorbet colors! You could just, well, eat them up! Or, grab a piece of fabric, a needle, and start painting with them. It's that simple. I've displayed the DMC numbers--so go grab them for yourself! The other day, I saw some beautiful flosses on a website, packaged up in color combos (and of course a very marked-up price)...soooo...I went to my local Michaels, and had fun looking through the DMC bins to recreate this fun colorful spring grouping for about 1/4 of the price of that packaged online floss. Now, I'm ready to make some spring bouquets on my jeans! You could stitch a tee-towel--stitch on a white shirt--or even your boring blank lanyard!

It's no secret, I LOVE floss--and I love to floss shop. Even though the price has gone up a bit over the years--embroidery is still probably one of the most inexpensive hobbies around that gives you 
1 - gorgeous results (as in hangable, loveable, wearable art)
2 - unlimited imagination--if you can dream it up kids, you can embroider it
3 - a way to create beautiful, meaningful gifts--even if you embroidered a paper bookmark, they love it!
4 - lower blood pressure (that's right, sewing lowers blood pressure, and this is sewing at its finest)
5 -a portable hobby
6 - the ability to go as big or as small as you wish!

Lately I have found myself sketching away little embroidery designs in a little book--as I pulled out a new, blank pair of jeans to embroider (I'll keep you posted on that project), I realized my little book might become some published designs--who knows! I get an idea, I sketch it down, and then when I'm ready to embroider, I have my little design collection. So fun.

You can read my floss story right here--how it all started.

This weekend I stocked up on my clothespins, and wound up some more. Even though I have a wonderful DMC stitchbow bag (all organized for a certain book of projects), and a big library of flosses I started many years ago--pre-internet, through mail order, I bought the entire DMC collection for $15! full skeins!--I keep floss stashed everywhere. But that first big floss purchase formed the basis of my library and I keep the bulk of the collection in a huge tub filed in little bags.

But, at the same time, I love also having a tin of flosses...a basket of flosses...and even some stuffed in a jar. I have some floss in my wallet with a little tiny square of aida to stitch a heart if I'm ever stuck somewhere and bored--and I carry a project with me every day.

I can't help it. I love floss. It's a skein of happiness...or...lots of skeins of happiness!

Eat, Write, Dream on a Skein, Stitch

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