Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's On My Messy Desk Wednesday!

I love seeing what's on everyone's work tables on WOYWW--wish mine was fit for company!  

My worktable is strewn with DMC flosses, patterns, aida cloth, and new projects! It looks messy...but right now, I know where everything is. I am stitching an owl for my daughter, among other projects, and I'm using 18-count aida cloth--small! So I prefer stitching this cute owl under a bright lamp, also with daylight streaming in, and complete concentration. I think I'll be done with it this week. Yay! 

Then I can move on to something new and exciting--four McCalls patterns! I got an email from my Hobby Lobby yesterday that McCalls patterns will be on sale for the next four days for 99 cents. I couldn't be happier, because I had already been on the website and picked out a few patterns for dresses, pants, shorts and jackets. (very ambitious, I know) I sailed right in there, found every pattern I wanted and was out in ten minutes--glad I didn't have to sit at the table and go through catalogs, that's when you gotta love the internet! I am going to train on my serger and learn how to use it this summer with my new patterns. I am not an expert at dressmaking, but I think I got this. Even better that I didn't have to spend a fortune on patterns--in case it doesn't work out!

Making progress on the owl!
When I got back from my Hobby Lobby trip, the kitties wanted some fresh air and rolls around the driveway--thought I'd share this quick video of them and the lovely bird symphony in the background.

Happy What's-On-Your-Workdesk Wednesday!


  1. Creative fun AND cats... now thats my idea of a good Wednesday! Jo x

  2. Lots of fun things going on on your desk this week. Kitty looks like she is loving her some sun...I am envious! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #88

  3. Ooh yeah Sandy - those patterns were a bargain - the last one I bought here was equivalent about 15 bucks! I figure if you can see and have patience to do that teeny stitching, then using the machine to make clothes will be a doddle!

  4. wow lots going on this week .Love the owl picking but i couldnt sit and sew it all id want it finished yesterday.Dont we all like a bargain you put me to shame as i used to dressmake alot havent done for many few years,still have the machine though!Have creative week im sure you will
    hugs judex9

  5. That's a very intricate piece you are sewing there. You must have the patience of a saint -and to be finished in a week -WOW!
    Happy Wednesday
    Rebecca (48) x