Monday, April 4, 2011

Note to Self: It's Musical "Every Inchie Monday!"

My "Inchie" sings!  

Visit and click on those who have commented to see all of this Monday's "Sing" Inchies.

Last week I also created my Inchie on one-square-inch of black aida with beads and stitching, and I've decided to make as many as I can in this format to get a nice continuity going. Someday, all of my Inchies will join together in one piece of artwork. That is going to be so much fun to create.

In the meantime, as I got out the black aida cloth and tiny aqua beads again, I sort of free-handed a musical note--all stitching, no glue. I decided to add some letters from a stash of alphabet beads and silver sequins which look like symbols clashing together!

This all stitched together quickly, and I finished it with a brown felt backing with all the edges loop-stitched tightly to the felt.

This could easily be turned into a pin. I could wear it to choir rehearsal this week!

Minnie had something to say about it!
I hope everything is sunny and happy at your house. Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch!


  1. Sometimes I am really impressed how much we can put on an inchie. Like yours.

  2. I love that the beads look like a note! I'll bet your choir members would love that pin!

  3. This would make a wonderful pin, it's perfect for this theme!

  4. Once again you have created a singing jewel! Peace, Mary Helen Bravo! and this would make a great pin to wear to choir!

  5. Great inchie. You sure can get a lot into an inch!

  6. Amazing details! I love how the beads create a musical note. Sweet kitty, mine talks, too!