Monday, April 18, 2011

Friends - Magnolias - Every Inchie Monday through laughter...the color pink...peaches and and caring. We all need our friends!

When I started working on my "Friends" Inchie, I immediately thought of this black and white photo taken of me and the girls I was privileged to perform with in the stage play, Steel Magnolias. Out of our character wigs, costumes, and makeup, we got to have this fun, glamorous photo session one day, with photographer Randy Bacon. (that's me, second from the left) I loved playing Truvy, loved the play, and especially loved bonding with these exceptional ladies during the run of the show, and long after.

I was inspired to whip up a "Magnolia" cross-stitch, which is framed and hangs over my sewing table.

[By the way, an "Inchie" is one-square-inch of art work--join the fun at]

I scanned and printed the photo as tiny as possible, still had to crop it to fit on my one-square-inch black board, and then started decorating.

At that photo session, some six years ago, we were all crammed onto a little velvet sofa, and we were laughing so hard! I love it. This is why having friends makes life so good!  

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you've forgotten the words."

I feel blessed, lately, to have seen and enjoyed a lot of my friends. Including at the Elton John concert! We had so much fun (I have loved Elton's music since my teen years) and couldn't help singing along to all the songs. Elton gives an exceptional concert--so glad I got to go! Happy Monday to you! Hug a friend today!
My own little photo of Sir Elton!

Had to get a t-shirt at the concert!!


  1. Love it Sandy! Love hearing the stories behind everyone's inchies and yours is so special!

  2. Wonderful tribute to a great group.

  3. Great friendship inchie - the good times show through.

  4. This reflects true friendship! Great inchie!

  5. Sandy, I love your inchie and the story that goes with it. I put mine together without a story...yours kind of makes me want to go back and write about friends. I love Elton John too!

  6. Awesome jog...the gals are just great...and Sir Elton should end up on one of our next couple of Inchies.! Peace, Mary Helen

  7. What fun! Love the story behind the inch!