Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Writing

"Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery."
--Jane Austen

Just the other day I was having a happy time at Barnes & Noble--I find bookstores a great inspiration sometimes to wake up your inner writer. I found a beautiful book all about Jane Austen, her books, her letters, and her sister's drawings. Of course, I had to have it. Because the thing is, Jane finished her novels in spite of so many obstacles. In my book, there is a picture of the original cover for "Sense & Sensibility" and Jane Austen's name is not on it! It says, it is by a lady. Jane never made a great deal of money from her work. Her mother and many other people discouraged her writing. Yet, she wrote her novels. She finished several major novels in her short life. 

So many people can start a novel, but actually finishing the whole thing is what moving that mountain is all about. So this year, I'm finishing my novel! I'm writing it for me, about a group of middle-aged friends--people that I think are quite fun and interesting to be around--and their struggles, joys and what makes life work for them. Now, if I had to write this thing with a feather pen, it would not happen--again, Jane amazes me. Thank goodness for our laptops. They are novel-writing machines that should be put to good use. I'm glad I'm a fast typist. The problem is, I'm still debating how to wrap up the storyline. Sometimes these things write themselves, once you get it into it. I'll keep you updated. I'm not sure what my marketing plan is yet, whether I'll query publishers with sample chapters, or call on LuLu. The most important thing I can do now, is to make a nice warm cup of tea and write.

 Oh, to just be lazy! But something's always calling my name. 
It's either the kitchen, the computer, or the sewing machine!

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