Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Of Coffee and Coupons - Another Blissful WOYWW

A messy workdesk is a happy workdesk. Right? And somehow, from the very first word I wrote in 2011, I stumbled onto my "Live Happy" theme for January. I was probably trying to write myself happy, because January is not my favorite month--I'm a summer girl. Then, it just seemed like a good idea to have a theme every month this year! So I will reveal the February theme on February 1st, but in the meantime my desk is a total mess and it's Wednesday, so I have to do a What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday! I took an old piece of creme colored Aida cloth, coffee-stained it, (the perfect thing to do since I was making a coffee sign for my kitchen) and cross-stitched from a cute alphabet pattern with a little sparkle in it. I plan to find some coffee themed fabric, and then stitch up this little banner to hang by the coffeemaker. But right now, it's still laying on my workdesk. Ironically, next to it, is a bunch of coffee. I finally received my coffeebasket in the mail, which I won by entering a contest on the Food Channel Facebook page. I love the Food Channel--they are the "first place to go for all things food" and one day I entered a Folger's Coffee writing contest, and won one of the three coffee baskets they were giving away. Too fun! So check out or go to their Facebook page at!/FoodChannel. They have delicious recipes, fun little contests, and food news. And they have something new all the time.
Now, in other food news, I'm attempting to become an extreme couponer! What a great way to make money by saving money! Last week, I went to my local Kroger chain store, and I had loaded a number of coupons on my store card from their website, and then I stacked those with maunfacturer coupons for the same products. I also bought items on special, and so I ended up ringing up about $100, and when they took off all the coupons and savings, I only spent $55. That was pretty good for me. So I am in the middle of really organizing my coupon stash--and every Wednesday I'll go on the store site when they post their new weekly store coupons, and will come up with some amazing deals and savings! It's kinda fun. Then next month, I'm actually taking a one-night class called "Ultimate Couponing" and hopefully I'll discover some more secrets. And yes, I will share tips! I don't plan to get obsessed with it--I just want to be a normal shopper who happens to hardly pay anything for lots of groceries! *Sigh.*
I can't wait to get my workdesk cleaned up again! I actually have a very cute workspace, which you may have seen in my past WOYWW--but today it looks like a tornado hit. Or a snowstorm, which we are expecting here tomorrow! That's okay. I'm happy. I've got a lot of stitching and even scrapbooking I want to do. And that's the happiness of winter--having lots of wonderful things to do when you're stuck indoors.

I know all this coffee will keep me eating, writing, dreaming, and 
stitching into the wee hours! Woo hoo! Happy WOYWW!

Pot-free coffeemakers are the best!


  1. You could always use some coffee to dye any fabric and then you would have an even more co-ordinated banner for your coffee station. that much coffee would keep me so awake I would get millions of things done.
    x Tricia (80)

  2. I have a number of good freebie and couponing sites listed in my sidebar. My favorite by far - and that od many others - is Simply Stacie.
    I have another friend who spends 3 or 4 hours a day tracking down coupons and deals. I admire her persistence but I do far too many other things in life. I couldn't AFFORD to save that much money. Luckily she does share the best free item coupons.
    I know there are also online couponing classes where you get a weekly email.
    My problem is I live in the boonies and not close to the stores offering the best inhouse and store brand deals.

  3. congrat on your coffee basket win. Coffee to drink and a basket to craft. bonus

  4. love the cross stitched panel, and what a fab win - i am a big coffee fan myself.

  5. You could use the coupons as a paper resource and make pretty 'things' with them.
    This comes from someone who loves to recycle.
    Have fun, anyway.

    Sue xx 67

  6. Well done on winning the hamper, and on your coupon savings - that is pretty good saving.

  7. Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #10 Happy WOYWW

  8. Wow Sandy there are a lot of coupons on your desk! Happy saving! Thanks for visiting. Susan xxox #19

  9. That coffee basket looks so good! Saving money on food means more money for stash!
    Tertia 110

  10. Congratulations on your coffee hamper win and all you coupan always to go to be able to save money ~ Nicky 24

  11. I am a coffeeholic myself. I love my Keurig potless coffee maker. Good luck with the couponing. It is a lot of work!

  12. Thanks for the peek and congrats on your coffee win and your great coupon savings! :)

    Ali #74