Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happiness Is a Kitty to Love

Here kitty kitty! Yes, I am a cat lady, through and through. I almost always have two cats residing with me--sometimes three. They are often adopted from the street, or sometimes a family that cannot keep them. So my real kitties are special--but so are these. I love embroidering on felt--just freely embroidering however my golden needle leads me! For a few weeks, I could not stop making these felt kitties. Everywhere I went, I had kitty bodies in my bag, DMC floss, and a needle--always ready to work on them. Some became part of Christmas gift baskets. They are so easy to make, and for me, the real fun is embroidering on their little bellies. Each one is unique--just like a real cat.

First, I simply drew up a pattern, from an idea I saw on a blog, and went from there (sorry, didn't mean to steal, but I couldn't resist! and these are different in several ways). I cut two pieces for the body, and one round coordinating color for the belly. I sewed the belly piece on, before doing the embroidery. Then when all embroidery is done, I blanket-stitched the bodies together, leaving a little gap for stuffing, so it was easy to close up with continued blanket stitching and I didn't have to turn out. I think the blanket-stitching looks cute too. I also added a loop of ribbon at the top, because these kitties like to hang around! The complete kitty is all hand-stitched, so it's really special.

Now it's time to take a break from the kitty factory, and play some chubby kitty checkers. (bought this checker game many many years ago at a craft fair!)

Joseph, sunning himself on the greenhouse.

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