Monday, August 2, 2010

Butterflys Are Free to Stitch

I wish there were a few more of me--I like to do too many things! One of my favorite things is just to sit with a nice glass of ice tea and cross-stitch...preferably by a pool or the deck when there's a nice breeze. Summer is a busy time around here when the garden is in full swing, so when I finally settle down it's nice to have a couple of projects going in my cross-stitch bag--usually a bigger project, and then small quick-to-stitch things, depending on my mood. In my bag right now is some butterfly stitching for a tote bag, and some for my next mixed-media project. In the meantime, I finished a little saying I made up, and this piece will probably become a wall hanging when I think of another saying to stitch to go with it. So maybe it will find its finishing sometime this winter when I'm all cozy with a mug of hot chocolate and don't have to worry about watering the garden.

Thanks to Helen Traphagan for photographing my nesting dolls!

Eat, write, dream, and stitch your heart out!


  1. Sandy,

    I love your blog! It's so comfy and cozy! Your pictures are great...articles are wonderful. Can't wait to spend more time in here!


  2. Thank you so much Sam! I hope you visit often. Love ya!