Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Writing, Dreaming, and Going to Pieces

My little creative corner of the world looks like a mess this week. It's all in pieces right now. There's a growing stack of little knit squares on my night table next to a big bowl of yarn. I try to knit at least one or two squares every day, in the midst of our busy family life right now, and it's all in the hopes of becoming a patchworked wall hanging. Hopefully. 
Then, from some darling embroidered girls' blouses found for 25 cents, I'm piecing together the sweetest little scrap happy bag, with a zipper and everything! The other side of it is laid out, half pinned, on the ironing board right now. Nothing will be done on any of this tonight, because I'm going to choir rehearsal--joining the church choir again! So excited. Maybe I could sneak in my knitting though.

Then, finally, after finishing my play, about a crazy bunch of knitters, we gathered some fabulous actors and had a cold table reading night with tasty foods and a lot of laughing. A lot. Next step, a staged reading with audience feedback. I will be brave.

Our family's busy-level is starting to ramp up with a lot going on--school starting next week, a new job in the family, various rehearsals--so we took a break last night and had a nice dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, on a Tuesday! This is my celebration salad (I love to take food pictures). My favorite salad bar in town.

My best friend has adopted a foreign exchange student this year--she is my daughter's age and they will go to school together. We love her already.

I think stitching is my calm in the middle of the storm, but this is the kind of storm I love! We choose to be blessed not stressed. So it's all good. I will be posting the finished bag and wall hanging, hopefully soon.

Eat, write, dream, stitch...always.


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