Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stitching a Two-Hour Skirt

If I can skirt the whole issue of following a pattern, I do. I like shortcuts. I have a new linen skirt and the other day I realized it would become my inspiration skirt for a few new designs for simple little summer cotton skirts meant to be worn with white t-shirts and flip flops.

I had just bought a few yards of some cute cotton fabrics, and one of them was begging to become the first skirt modeled after the inspiration skirt. One of the highlights of the store-bought skirt is the cute trim around the bottom, and my coordinating fabrics would be ideal for something unique.

I began the first skirt by simply cutting the fabric around the store-bought skirt, leaving seam allowance and waist-band allowance. I hemmed it and put in the elastic waistband. I took the two complimentary fabrics, to the main skirt fabric, and cut strips to go around the bottom of my skirt. After sewing on both strips to create the fun trim, on a whim, I cut a heart out of the green polka dot fabric and stitched it to the front.

The result is my have a little heart skirt, homemade in under two hours.

Enjoy eating well, writing creatively, dreaming big, and stitching fast!

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