Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mixed Media Fabric Dream House

When it comes to sewing, we are not in Kansas anymore. Mixed media fabric art is the stuff of dreams and magical places. There seems to be no rules. You can stitch ribbon to knitting to torn tea-stained fabric, add on some vintage buttons, and you have yourself a precious piece of art.
I love to sew things onto things, so I signed myself up to experience the whole art of creative sewing with mixed-media. The result is one of my first projects, a house. Not just any house. It’s the first in a series of themed fabric houses that I continue to work on when I’m in my sew-something-onto-something mood. This piece is called Glinda’s House. It’s where I imagine Glinda, from the Wizard of Oz, living when she was a little girl. The roof is a triangle of fabric with fabric backing, and it's adorned with fabric and ribbon hearts, felt flowers, sequins, trim, and buttons. I cut the quotes out of an old Wizard of Oz show shirt and added those throughout the piece.

Glinda’s emerald green front door was completely cross-stitched, including the Tinman’s sparkling silver heart in the middle. A ruby red slipper is embroidered, as if it were left on the front porch! The windows feature ribbon window shades and beaded pulls. Three of the four squares that are stitched together to make the actual house are pieces of a vintage table cloth from my mom (also going into aprons later). Like the roof, each square is sewn with a fabric backing. The flowers in the window boxes are knit with a multicolored ribbon yarn, and there is a garden of teeny buttons on the bottom--poppies!
One of the best things about mixed-media fabric art is that it is very green--you just don’t want to throw things away if you think that a piece of this or that can go into your next project! I have several themed house ideas planned. I can’t wait. It’s a good idea to keep some little storage boxes on hand so that when you get the urge to sew something onto something, you have plenty to put in your mix.

Enjoy dreaming up something creative today. There’s no place like home.