Sunday, December 20, 2015

Festive Fast and Easy Paper Christmas Banner

Christmas patterned paper, ribbon, a few buttons, and some quick stitches on the sewing machine! That's all it took to make a festive little banner for my entry way.

 I started with cutting out these little 3X4 vintage holiday images from a 12X12 sheet in a Christmas scrapbook pad.
My banner is hanging on a display cabinet, so I only needed three, but it could be longer. Then I chose three coordinating patterned papers from the pad, and cut six 4X5 squares. I stitched those squares together, three sets with wrong sides together, on the sewing machine with just a straight stitch around the border. So each one will have the image and a button on the front, and a cute backing of coordinating patterned paper.
 A little star corner punch in each image made them look a little more finished. Each one was then stitched in the center of each 4X5 piece.

I stitched a red button on each one, and then stitched all three to a length of red ribbon, and it was ready to hang! The whole little project took less than an hour, and I used what was in my stash. You could also use images from old Christmas cards or photos. Merry Christmas!

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