Wednesday, December 16, 2015

WOYWW 341--a house, a stitch, and a cat

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...
Just another peek at my gingerbread house. I bake one of these every year, and some years, like this year, I don't really buy a lot of extra decorations and just use what I have. It smells so good, sitting around, looking fun.
Another lazy shortcut is that I decorate all the pieces and let them dry nice and hard before I put it all together! And now for my desk...
You caught me sipping lemon zinger tea, and finishing the embroidery for a Midori gift. I feel so Downton Abbeyish. Hmm...I wonder if Mrs. Patmore makes ginger houses for the Abbey!
And everyone, I think, needs a special kitty pullout in their desk--especially when they have a kitty, like Minnie, who likes to watch YouTube desk tours! Tee hee!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. I can just imagine the gorgeous smell of the Gingerbread House, our grandson made one the other day at school, ready made gingerbread of course, last year it was too hard to eat!
    Jan x no 37

  2. I have never attempted one of these but yours looks so nice! You are quite talented I think!
    Glenda #23

  3. BEAUTIFUL gingerbread house, Sandy! Looks so lush! That teacup is definitely channeling Downton - so posh! Don't forget to lift up the pinkie when you hold it, LOL! Minnie is better behaved than Oreo who likes to sit RIGHT in front of the monitor! Have a lovely week and thanks for visiting earlier! zsuzsa #35

  4. Loving your Gingerbread house...always thought me and the grands would have fun with this, but they all live far away. Great idea for the kitty's in our lives. They are lovingly amazing. Also enjoy seeing the embroidery project on a list to finish mine. Have a lovely week #6

  5. Animals Lol! you can't have a better friend. My two dogs like to watch crafting on the TV. I think its the bright colours but who knows. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 25

  6. Love the house!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #8

  7. Hi Sandy,
    What beautiful embroidery! Oh, but the gingerbread house is definitely the star of this post! So very cool. I've never tried making one but I've seen kits. Maybe I'll try one next year. But it has to be primarily pink to match my little tree!

    Your Minnie is adorable.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday (although I'll probably visit you again before the time comes)!!

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay (14)

  8. I love your gingerbread house! I have never made one. We don't really make those in Belgium, but it sounds very fun!

    P.S.: don't forget to enter my giveaway to win a bracelet and earrings jewelry set!

    Greetings, Sofie # 31

  9. You gave me the recipe for the gingerbread house last year and I failed to make one again! Ah well, I'll just have to admire yours twice over :-). It's looking fantabulous!! I bet the smell is amazing. Are you ever tempted to nibble a bit of chimney?? Lol
    I've done lots of wrapping but fancy making something to go on the table next week. Will see what I've got in my stash!
    Sending you festive hugs :-)
    LLJ 12 xxx

  10. I haven't made a gingerbread house in years! I think the last one I made was when the kids were little. Sigh. It looks great and brings back happy memories!

  11. What stunning makes. Loving the gingerbread house! Take care Zo xx 40

  12. I would have been by sooner, but my life took a major meltdown yesterday when my washing machine hose broke. After I got all the water and mess cleaned up, I was off to buy a new hose and install it.

    Your gingerbread house is AWESOME. What fun you must have had making it. I like the idea of doing all the decorating before putting it together.

    I've never seen Downton Abby, but being British by birth, I would say this probably qualifies. And my dear Bleubeard was impressed with Princess Minnie, too.

    Happy belated WOYWW from #1.

  13. Oh that gingerbread house looks sooo good! It's making my mouth water!
    I've never actually make one and every year I tell myself I will....

    A belated happy WOYWW,

  14. What a lovely little gingerbread house. Must get round to making one when Ben is a bit bigger. x Jo