Thursday, December 10, 2015

No More Messy Kitchen Drawer--Welcome to My Gingerbread House

The whole thing started when it was time to bake and make my annual gingerbread house. It's about the only time, sadly, that I get out my piping bags and decorating tips to do the icing. I love making the gingerbread house...but I hated the dreaded messy drawer where the decorating supplies lived, all shoved to the back, and tons of other crap piled on top so that you could barely close the drawer.

After I cleaned it all out, I realized I didn't take a before picture. Too much shame I guess! But here's how it looks now.
This kitchen drawer is now dedicated to cake decorating, measuring cups and spoons and cupcake papers.
 The number one thing that helped me in the kitchen: craft room organization skills!
Now I'm sure I could go to any of my kitchen/home stores and pick up specific organization items for the kitchen--but what I had on hand was stuff from my craft room and it was perfect and no dollars spent. The poor cake decorating kit had long ago spilled out of its original container and was a horrible mess.
Now it all lives neatly in one of these boxes I typically use for beads or little embellishments.And it slides right to the  back of the drawer, nice and clean. I enjoy it so much, I might make a second gingerbread house!
Also mashed into the drawer was various cupcake papers--some of them were located in other drawers too, so that when I needed them I could never find them!
Now they live in one of these craft storage boxes. Perfect! No reason to have to keep them in their packaging when I can keep them in here and slide them right into the drawer.
Then I found a craft tool caddy I wasn't using, and that's where all the kitchen scissors, candle lighters and other tools found a new home where I can see them!
Isn't it great when your crafty skills help you all over the house.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. You are on a real roll this week Sandy with listing and organising and your baking looks scrumptious.
    Lynn x

  2. I have a drawer just like that, and once I year I go to it for icing kits and cupcake cases, just like you! You have inspired me to have a good go at getting it organised - I really like your ideas for keeping things tidy and I really love your gingerbread house - it is adorable! Thanks for stopping by mine earlier, I hope you have a great week and don't eat the house all in one go!!
    Diana #29

  3. Great organization. I recently upcycled a 3-drawer dresser (idea compliments of Pinterest) and turned it into my baking supply island. I even have one drawer for my pre-cut sheets of parchment paper. I use a tackle box to store all of my cake decorating stuff in. You'll be so organized for this Christmas! Creative Blessings! Kelly