Wednesday, November 18, 2015

WOYWW 337--Crafting with Kitty

Well, look who wants to share part of my craft table!
It's What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday where some of the desky posts have been up for hours halfway around the world! Mine, just in here in the states.
So Minnie is 14 years young, and she is rightly getting to be a little crabby at times. She insists on constantly being my shadow, and she made me make her a special pallet on one of my craft tables where she can see out the big window and supervise my crafty doings. She's quite the Egyptian princess. She needs an address like 878 Crafty Table Lane, because she lives here now.
I swung the camera around as I was at my desk, a happy crafter am I, next to Minnie's table crafting away. I also put together a little compact Franklin Covey planner I found in a drawer, apparently cast aside back in 2006--it's going to be my new 2016 planner at the office only. Because my home planner is the Midori of course! Have you priced these planners lately? They are so expensive! I think I paid less than twenty dollars for this planner at Wal-Mart a decade ago. I wonder why the price on them has gone up so much? Oh well, glad to find the old one, because it is in perfect shape.
Scrapbook paper in my planner - fun!
And, I am thrilled to say that our PBS is rerunning the previous season of Downton Abbey as America braces itself for the last season to finally come our way in January. Last season of Downton? Devastation.

Anyhoo, have a happy crafty week!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. Lol! Well, I reckon that if Minnie's got her own address, then my cat Ron should too....Number 1, Fireside Place...grin. You'll see why on my blog today!!
    That's a great pic of you - you're very photogenic! I hate photos of me and only show them under duress :-/
    Your planner is looking fabulous, am loving the scrapbook papers in there. Bold and Beautiful. I still admire folk who plan their days and make lists, I just know myself well enough by now to appreciate that it ain't ever going to happen in LLJ Towers, lolol!!!
    Hope you're keeping happy and healthy. I thought you'd be bereft on finding out that this was the last season of Downton....apparently there's a Christmas special to round it all off :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 7 xxx

  2. I expect Minnie comments on everything you do. A neighbour's tortoishell cat Smudge visits me most days and has a lot to say (strange no one else hears her). Afraid to say I no longer have a planner because it is all in my phone which is a shame really because I no longer have that 'thing' in my bag to slot in 'bits'. Have a good week with Minnie. x Jackie #21

  3. I love the fact that Minnie has her own address, she certainly looks very content living there and what a beautiful photo you've taken of yourself too, so photogenic. Your planner looks perfect, like you say they are a shocking price nowadays.
    We are looking forward to the very last episode of Downton at Christmas. I miss it already brightening up our Sundays. It's such a shame there won't be anymore.
    Have a good week.
    Hugs Lisax #14

  4. Hi Sandy - gorgeous kitty and lovely to see your smiling face! Your planner is so nice and chunky! I guess they are expensive because they are in vogue! A homemade version of these would be a popular thing to sell on Etsy! We may be getting a kitten soon! Fingers crossed! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #33 (ps. the last series of Downton Abbey has finished now, but there will be a Christmas Special! Hopefully it will arrive at your side of the pond soon!)

  5. Great photos of both you and Minnie! Great looking planner. When I think of things we have gotten rid of in the past, and now how expensive those same things are. It is enough to make you want to never throw or get rid of things. We will want them again some day! LOL #52

  6. Your kitty looks beautiful! I love the look of your planner!

    Greetings, Sofie #17

  7. Minnie looks like she supervises you with a firm paw! Enjoy your crafting this week! Ali #4

  8. Nice to see the face behind a desk! My cat stays off the 'desk' but anytime I sit down he seems to want to come up on my lap usually when I'm doing something!

  9. Probably the price has risen so much because it is hot at the moment. Vicky(#20)

  10. Why do cats think they are the boss?? Minnie looks like a gem!! Thanks for sharing!!Have a great week, Ginny # 12

  11. Lovely photos of you and Minnie! My cats were always planting themselves in prime craft spots. And great looking planner too. As I only started watching Downton Abbey 2 years ago (TY Target for season sets! LOL!) I am really bummed it is ending "so soon" LOL!

  12. Love that she's there watching and, ahem, supervising all your crafty efforts! So beautiful! Marissa #58