Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WOYWW 308--Spring Crafty Corner Reorganizing

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Thanks for stopping by my crafty corner of the world. Everything is about to change. Right now I have my cross-stitch organizer out...I'm going to make a pillow with this sparkly angel I stitched a couple of years ago. It's a little dark in the not great! Then, I have work to do. This white gate-fold, cute stenciled table I have been inhabiting is going next to the window, the leaves are going down, and it's transforming into a sewing table. Then, the big ole green desk in the corner with the cubby shelves is going to be my craft desk. I'm cleaning out every cubby in that set of shelves, and reorganizing the drawers. This is a job. But I'm suddenly inspired from some YouTube desk tours, so I guess that's all it took! Spring is a great time to reorganize and clean out, and I know some people don't believe a craft space can be "pretty" but I really want to pretty things up. And I'm just needing more regular desk space combined with space for scrapbooking, paper crafting, and art journaling.

I'm just happy to be around this week! I had the first of two laser sessions on my eye last week. The second one is next week, so I'll be out again. I'm doing fine, and hopefully my eye will continue to heal and do better! Thank goodness for the medical technology we have. Yes, it does hurt to have this done, but the procedure only lasts a few minutes, and I have an amazing eye surgeon. Very thankful! Have a good week.

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  1. Hope all goes well with the laser surgery.....our eyes are so precious.
    Sandra de @42

  2. It's so rewarding and cathartic to have a good clear out and reorganise! I really enjoy sorting out all my stash now and again, not only do you rediscover some things that you love but had forgotten about, but the actual rearranging is very satisfying too. Have'll have to show us how it all works out!
    I think you're very brave having laser eye surgery..I think I'd be frightened in case things went well done you. I hope next week's session goes smoothly too.
    It's been madness here, I honestly would like to stop time. So much has happened...a really busy weekend with our special 70th anniversary concert for our conductor, gardening, volunteering at the local charity bookshop...oh and some sewing that I had to get completed. Off to Wales to see my dad Fri and Sat, then out all day Sunday playing with my band at a local country fair. I have no plans for next Monday....gonna collapse in a heap!!
    Sending huge hugs, take care my friend,
    LLJ 19 xx

  3. Great to have a good sort out and reorganise - I hope I can get some sort of system going here soon! Good luck with the eye treatment. x Jo

  4. Gosh, aren't you getting organised - I always have much more energy for re-organising and doing major housework jobs in the Spring time! There's such a good feeling when it's done too!
    So glad your eye surgery went well, and I hope it all goes well for you next week.
    Diana x #27

  5. So good to have a clear out and re-discover goodies that you've not seen in a while, I'm sure you will feel elated once it's all organised and pretty! Wishing you luck with your eye treatment and keep healing well.

    Angela x
    Angel Greetings #26

  6. Isn't modern eye surgery amazing! They are so clever. It's great you're having this treatment and I hope it all goes well. Your eyes are precious.
    A good sort out and reorg is liberating. Looking forward to seeing photos of you craft space when its all done and pretty.
    Thanks for visiting me.
    Have a great week,

  7. Hi Sandy, I hope your second eye surgery has gone perfectly! I'm sure it has! Your desk reorganizing is inspiring. Perhaps it will inspire me to do some serious reworking of my studio. It needs it.