Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gardening & Journaling About It

Years ago I took a patterned paper tag pad I bought, and used the papers to make a garden journal. Snapped pictures, posted about it, and then kind of forgot about it. When it came time to use it, I couldn't find it! Classic me, in the crafty corner, putting things away and losing them. So recently, I accidentally found it, stuck in the wrong cubby and covered with envelopes. So now what? I'm using it this year to journal about my garden. Guess it was just meant to be.
First there'll be the baby pictures of my baby garden--seedlings on the greenhouse.
I'm also going to use the journal to draw my garden plan, plot where I'd like to put starts, and plan ahead where I will sow seeds straight into the garden. My spaghetti squash always seem to do better when the seeds are sown right into the open garden, the pumpkins too. And I plant basil seeds all summer.
I love putting beads or buttons on journal covers.

I'll use a couple of pages for the canning recipes I'm going to make with the tomatoes, and my favorite garden recipes like bruschetta, roasted cherry tomatoes, and fresh pasta sauce.
 I think I'll do better this year at keeping track of where I've planted different varieties of plants.
A day in the garden last year
I hope the journal will wrap up the gardening season with some beautiful pictures like this (my ongoing harvest last year). And I might press a couple of zinnia blooms into the journal. Hopefully it will be packed and so will the garden.

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