Friday, February 20, 2015

Stitching Together An Upcycled Junk Journal - Part 2 - The Diva of Junk Journals

As Mary Poppins says, "Begun is half done."
My junk journal proved it. All I had to do was start stripping out pages from my old art journal-style planners and the next thing I knew, I was stitching them together and the diva of art journals was born.

See Part 1 of this blog right here.
She is a mixed-media treasure full of pretty pages, ready to write on or add things to, a key (just some random little key in a box of things), buttons, beads, stitching, stamping, and lots of love. Another beauty of this journal is that I actually had a lot of pages from those past planners where I had written things I would still like to be reminded of and add to. So now, here they are together with plenty of blank pages ready for creating. 

Of course, I could have just used adhesive to stick all the pretty pages together, hide the old weekly planner pages on the insides, and have nice, sturdy, reinforced pages for my journal. I actually did get out the ATG gun and do that with some of the pages. (Remember, part of Stash Dash 2015 Five Simple Rules, is use the tools you have!)

With a majority of the pages, I chose to stitch them on the sewing machine, and also hand stitch around them with pearl cotton floss--I think both techniques look and feel wonderful! Unique! Nobody else will have a diva junk journal like yours when it is done.
Yet another great thing about using my old planners was that the covers were ideal to still be covers. You can, of course, add anything and everything to them. My favorite add was the beads. There's the glamour with some big, sparkly, acrylic beads. Little glass beads would be adorable too, and I think my journal has some in its future.
front cover
back cover
Are you ready to get out your stamps, floss, stickers, ribbon, gelatos, and beads and have a ball?

The diva of junk journals is ready for her debut to share her inner-most pages. Thanks for taking this little journal journey with us, and I hope you are inspired to use your stash and create something beautiful and fun! Imperfection is beauty.
I cross-stitch hearts and applique them to everything!
See that piece of ribbon? It was just laying around and anyone else would have thrown it away!

A leftover diecut heart from making valentines with my nephew.

Used my wavy scissors on some pages!

There are plenty of pages still to write on.

My favorite zig zag stitch on the sewing machine.

That little piece of grosgrain ribbon was laying on my floor! Now, it's art.

I managed to keep some layouts from the original planner together!

I love that caterpillar with the cupcakes, and now it isn't lost in an outdated planner.

I trimmed down and stuck in some craft paper I had used on my gelli plate. Perfect!

Feel free to add an index card here and there! This journal will have some recipes in it.

I punched holes and added grommets to a piece of felt, just for fun. Going to stitch a quote here.

This might be my favorite little thing: a piece of the costume I wore from King & I.

I stuck in a cute little card I love! It came with a blog candy prize in the mail.

Adding pockets is good--just stitch them right in from scrap paper. Divas need pockets.
I used some steampunk style rings for the bind--found them at Michaels. They easily let me keep adding pages. I need to add a little wire bracelet of glass beads now that I think about it. The dressing up of this diva junk journal may never end! But that's why it's fun. I've already contributed lists, ideas, and plans that can be ongoing and don't run out at the end of the year like my proper planners do. Be creative, have fun, and express yourself. Stitch a junk journal!
Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch a Junk Journal



  1. Just beautiful - I absolutely adore the illustrated papers you have used - are they your art? A wonderful journal!

    1. Thank you Carmen!! This is not my artwork--I have upcycled old planner pages because these were planners that have beautiful artwork and I didn't want to let them go!

  2. Wow! Such beautiful pages! Love the stitching! Thanks for linking this to your current WOYWW post! People who don't click on that link are missing out big time!

  3. Wow! Such beautiful pages! Love the stitching! Thanks for linking this to your current WOYWW post! People who don't click on that link are missing out big time!