Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WOYWW 296--Mollie Didn't Make

After a week of makes, takes, bakes, and all that we are up to, it's time for a peek at What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday. Ms. Julia lets us post our workdesks and then go visit. Join us!

Unfortunately, I didn't make too much this week. To the left there is my latest Smash book--it's packed with art journal pages that include some of my project instructions, lists, and ideas...that's my theme for this the middle is some patterned paper and tags (and nothing done with them yet) with some floss scattered around because on the right are my stitched matryoshka girls and I'm still stitching more because they are just so fun to cross-stitch. And at the upper right is a little box of recipes from my mom's massive recipe collection, and that wonderfully huge skein of pink yarn from darling daughter. I've decided to make a simple, thin, comfy pink little lap blanket. I'm going through this particular little box of mom's recipes because I noticed she had put a lot of older ones in there, and there are many in her handwriting which is of course precious to me now. And who can resist recipe titles such as "Dream Cake."

I'm a little behind on the worktable because I had a busy weekend which included a family Superbowl party--among other things we made homemade chicken nuggets for our crowd, spinach dip in the crockpot which is a huge favorite, and luscious dark chocolate brownies. It was a busy bowl day! But I loved the halftime show with Katie Perry and Missy Elliot. Hopefully I'll get my mojo going again this week and you can call me Mollie Makes next week. Enjoy your desk hopping!
the spinach dip after all the yummy ingredients were first piled into the crockpot

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. Sounds as if you had lots of deliciousness at the Super Bowl shindig!
    (We had a SB/birthday party--our "baby" is 18 now, good grief!)

    Bless you, it's so true how things we may have taken for granted are seen in a whole new light, simple things like handwritten recipes. ***sigh***

    #67 this week with the
    finished chair & a chalkboard

  2. Nothing wrong with having a little down time and your Superbowl party sounds great, especially the "eats".
    It'll be fun trying out some of your Mum's recipes, I know I still make some of the things my Mum used to make when we were small.
    Have a good week
    hugs Lisax #68

  3. Coming across my mums handwriting is one of the things that can still reduce me to tears...daft isn't it, but it's those little comforts and things that I miss terribly. I've still got her post war Good Housekeeping recipe book, I can remember that book propped up in the kitchen when I was about six, learning to cook fairy cakes :-)
    Glad you enjoyed the Super Bowl party, the spinach dip sounds interesting. I love spinach but my DH isn't so keen. Hopefully you'll have more time to make a start on that lovely pink yarn next week! I bought some more tinsel yarn to make some hedgehogs today, it's fuchsia pink and sparkly purple. I had to get some, they just called to me in the shop, lol!!
    Hugs, LLJ 26 xx

  4. Pretty, pretty artwork and stitching!! :D Have a great week & God bless!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #9

  5. I love your garden journal idea brilliant idea and one i would love to do. Documenting my garden for a year......Mmmmm
    Amazing the ideas you can pick up with this blog hopping, very rewarding
    Jill W

  6. I still have my Mum's recipe book. I still make her rock cakes. It makes you feel a little closer to them doesn't it?

    Sounds like a busy week - I've just been given one of those cookers - not christened it yet but have wanted one for ages :)

    Carmen x #53

  7. My Mom hasn't been gone a year, and so I still have boxes of her things , I can't part with. And I have my Grandma's recipes, too. Such treasures! :) I hope you get your mojo back soon, and BTW that spinach dip sounds delicious.
    #32, I think. LOL