Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tag Tuesday Valentine - And How We Made Lollipop Valentines

It's a heart day celebration over at Tag Tuesday today...stop by and share your heart!
I had a short window of time to put my tag together, because I had spent the afternoon helping my adorable nephew make the valentines for his class party. We took a couple of dozen craft tags from Hobby Lobby and turned them into lollipop valentines. Our first step was to diecut lots of hearts--so my Valentine tag here features some leftover hearts from my nephew's diecutting session, and I took the extra step to emboss them. What else! Now, darling nephew is very well trained and always supervised on the Big Shot--but he does love it, and loves crafting, so we may have a future Tim Holtz here.
After he diecut many, many hearts in a variety of patterned papers, we folded the tags and used washi tape and a hole punch to turn the tag into a pocket for the lollipop. My nephew used a "to-from" stamp on the back (he loves stamping) and a few more decorative stamps so that each lollipop valentine is unique. Aunt Sandy finished them off with the ribbons in the top. 
For the complete instructions, visit TheFrugalCrafter's Blog right here.  That's where we got all our inspiration for this project! Note: we didn't have a long-reach hole punch, so we punched the hole at the bottom in the center after the tag is folded. Also, the Jolly Rancher heart-shaped lollipops fit perfectly inside! (the watermelon flavor is gooood) I think what the most fun about this project is--you can get as fancy or stay as simple as you please. You can make each lollipop valentine unique to the recipient, and you could also really use up your Valentine stickers too. We had heart stickers, but he really preferred choosing the patterned paper he wanted and diecutting the hearts. I was only there to supervise, and give basic instructions, but I let him have complete creative freedom, and that's what really made it fun.
But what I really need to do is order the huge box of tags from online--seriously, I think I do something with tags every week, and the kids in our family love to make bookmarks with them, little greeting cards, everything!
We brought all the supplies into the dining room and had a great afternoon!
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